Empire State Building

Empire State Building, New York - A view from afar

by denmar Creative Commons License

The Empire State Building: the Making of a Landmark By John Tauranac

"This book is the best book I've read on the building. It is very informative, and has many good pictures. There have been some quite well written books on the Empire State Building, but no other comes as close as John Tauranac's The Empire State Building, The making of a landmark"

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: New York City

"Featuring photographs, illustrations and maps of New York, this guide includes coverage of New York's unforgettable sights from the neon lights of Time Square to the bustling New York Stock Exchange, unearthing the best of the city's dazzling skyscrapers, historic synagogues and phenomenal museum and art galleries in between"

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Empire State Building, NYC - View from the ground

by dylanparker Creative Commons License

Empire State Building, NY - View from the top

by ChodHound Creative Commons License


i was born in new york but moved to albemarle, NC when i was 7 years old

I was born in Ny but i moved at a young age. I wish I would have lived my younger days there.

I wish to visit once in my life to United State of America. It's my dream land. I Love to be there. - S.S. Chaudhary

i think new york is the best place eva 2 go. i have been in empire state building. I think tasha k and danny p are fit from CJ

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