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Scouse Recipes


Loads of spuds (depends on the crew eatin the stuff)
Carrots, Onions,
Turnip or swede cubed
Small cellery (makes it sweet)
Chicken OXO (stock cube)
Mixed herbs (one teaspoon dry or Bouquet Garnet)
Breast of lamb, cut 2 inch long 250 grams
Mincedmeat (decent stuff not cheapo)
Olive Oil

How it's made
Fry the lamb in olive oil till just sealed toss in the mince meat and brown;
Fling in the oxo, garlic and water (Holy water blessed by the Priest for real Everton scouse)
Boil for 10 mins reduce to medium for 30 mins.
Drain stock off into container and allow to cool.
Put in the fridge to go cold
Once cold, skim excess fat from stock and add to meat,
Throw in veg and herbs boil for ten mins, reduce to low heat,
Say prayer for the well being of Everton Football club,
Leave until reduced to a thick bubbling mixture.

Serve hot with beetroot or Red cabbage (Fowler veg) and crusty bread.

Put in enough water to cover the spuds and veg and add the herbs last if they are dried herbs.

Poor Man's Scouse

1 lb mincemeat
5lb potatoes - peeled and cut into chunks
4 large onions - peeled and diced
6 large carrots - peeled and cut into pieces

Bring 6 cups water to a rolling boil, lower the heat and add mincemeat, making sure the mince is broken into small pieces. When the mince turns brown, add the rest of the ingredients and salt/pepper to taste.  Make sure there is enough water in the pot to cover the vegetables. Turn the heat back up, cover with lid and boil until the vegetables are done then lower the heat and let simmer while adding oxo cubes, ketchup or sauce, to taste. Continue simmering until the water has partially boiled away, then serve.
Takes about half an hour, total.

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Everton scouse is a complete meal in itself. Hope I can try it homemade when I get over there.
Love the site, born in the pool in 63 but been exiled down south for 25 yrs. Tried all sorts of scouse recipes but still have found nothing even close to the concoction my nan used to prepare. Unfortunately she died 7 years ago without passing on her knowledge....not just my loss but everyone who enjoys a good pan of scouse...RIP nan x

i know wot you mean i miss liverpool to y dont you get yourself back home

The scouse recipe I have always used is stewing steak cubed, onions, carrots, beef oxo cubes pepper and of course potatoes, and cook for a couple of hrs until the potatoes have thickened .and serve with my favourite piccalilli on top ,some prefer red cabbage or beetroot .

At 61 I left Liverpool where i was born in 1995 to live in London. and i hate it wish i was back with my muckers for a decent Scouse buttie.

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