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Stone Trek

Stone Trek is an internet-based Flash animated cartoon series that presents episodes of a Star Trek analogue, as it would have appeared in the universe of The Flintstones, complete with 1960's style laugh tracks.

The series takes place aboard the stoneship U.S.S. Magnetize, powered by its magma/antimagma engines. Characters include Captain James T. Kirkstone, the Vulcano first officer Mr. Sprock and ship's doctor Leonard "Fossils" RcKoy. The series also features a running count of redshirts killed in each episode, and fans can write in to nominate themselves to be caricatured as a redshirt in future episodes.

The series is produced by Brian Matthews and Jim Jenkins, with the voice talent of Wally Fields.



  • The Deadly Ears - Part 1 - An accidental encounter with a pair of alien bees endanges the mission of the Magnetize - whatever that might be...
  • The Deadly Ears - Part 2 - It's ears vs. antennae as the Magnetize is attacked from a swarm of jilted alien bees.
  • 20001 BC: A Space Oddity - Part 1 - The Magnetize crew is sent to discover the fate of a ship that set out to discover when the new epoch begins - 20000 BC or 20001 BC?
  • 20001 BC: A Space Oddity - Part 2 - Captain Kirkstone runs into some "friends" inside the Big Black Thing, and starts to question his sanity. Good of him to catch up with the rest of us!
  • Star Trekkin' - In 1987, The Firm released a claymation music video of their song, Star Trekkin' - this is the Stone Trek version...
  • The Caveman Trap - Part 1 - The Magnetize crew confronts a monster on a mission to deliver cruise tickets to a scientist couple on a desent planet.
  • The Caveman Trap - Part 2 - The monster gets loose on board the Magnetize. Is it deadly? Is it the answer to Kirkstone's dreams?
  • Marooned On Tattooine - Part 1 - Stonefleet Command sends the Magnetize to rescue a fashion queen, and the bad guys don't like that one little bit.
  • Marooned On Tattooine - Part 2 - Kirkstone and Sprock enter a contest to win prize money for spare parts to repair the Magnetize, but (as usual) things don't go as planned.

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