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Breña Baja

Breña Baja (Spanish for Lower Breña) is located on the east-southeastern part of the island of La Palma in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife of the Canary Islands. The seat of the municipality is located near the centre of the municipality named San José. Villa de Mazo is linked with a main highway encircling every part of the island and is located south of the capital Santa Cruz de la Palma.

The population is 4,355 (INE, 2005), its density is 294.79/km² and the area

Breña Baja
Autonomous region: Canary Islands
Province: Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Island: Tenerife
Area: 14.2 km²
(71.17 km² in 2003)
Population: 4,186 (2001)
Population density: 294.79/km²

Atlantic Ocean
300 m
about 1,800 m
Length of coastline: 7.28 km
Postal code: E-38712
Location: 28.61667/28°37' N lat.
17.75/17°45' W long.
Municipal code: E-38009
Car designation: TF
Mayor: Jaime Sicilia Hernández
2nd term

 is 14.2 km²/1,420 8ha. The elevation is 300 m. Breña Baja offers a panoramic view of La Gomera to the southeast.

The coastline and the valley areas are made up of farmlands, while the mountainous areas are forested or grassy to the central and the northern parts but much of the area are deforested. Mountains dominate the coastline. Its main industry are agriculture which produces wine fishery and also tourism which became the most popular industry to this day. At the coast is La Palma's second largest resort Los Cancajos. There are no sites of interest throughout the municipality.

La Palma's airport which is also Santa Cruz de La Palma Airport, La Palma Airport or Mazo Airport is located southeast of Breña Baja with a runway facing the east of the farmlands.


The population data are as of 2005:

  • San Antonio (1,128 persons)
  • San José (1,042 persons)
  • La Polvacera (672 persons)
  • Los Cancajos (467 persons)
  • Las Ledas (321 persons)
  • El Socorro (309 persons)
  • La Montaña (257 persons)
  • El Fuerte (159 persons)

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