Animals are my friends, and I don't eat my friends - George Bernard Shaw

What is your favourite animal ?

We are just starting off so please vote now

You can find out more by clicking on the links below
Cheetah Big Cat 12
Horses 11
Tigers Big Cat 9
Pony 9
Liger Big Cat 8
Gray Wolves 5
Black Panther Big Cat 4
Elephants 4
Platypus 4
Giant Panda 4
Leopard 3
Dogs 3
Hamster 3
Koala Bear 2
Unicorn 2
Whales 2
Jaguar Big Cat 2
Cat 2
Gulo Gulo Wolverine 1
Aardwolf 1
Pegasus 1
Dragon 1
Dolphins 1
Mongoose 1
Rabbit 1
Gecko Lizard 1
Guinea Pig 1
Bats 1
Lions 1
Cow 1
Shrimps 1


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