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next bit of silly nonsense please

........What happened when the butcher backed into his meat grinder?
he got a  little behind in his job.......

.....A duck waddles into a shop and asks the assistant: 'Do you have any bananas ?' 'No,' he replies. The same thing happens the next day. On the third day the assistant replies: 'No, and if you come in asking for bananas again I will nail your wings to the floor!'. Next day the duck walks in and asks: 'Got any nails ?' 'No,' replies the assistant. 'Got any bananas ?' the duck asks.....

.....just love hippos.....

.........tripped over the dog yesterday....


.....There was something I was going to say but it's too silly...

What does mozart do now that he is dead?..He decomposes......

hi dude, this page is crazy, your crazy,
your cool though and just love you all

....OMG, the first comment, its been made, thanks, thank you, OMG.

....if summer=water and water=wood what does wood equal ?......

We want to make this one of the biggest, most visited pages,
full of funny, silly nonsense on the Internet.

Will you join us in the challenge
in this conscious stream of silliness ?

Enter the first funny thing that comes into your head

or what's the silliest thing you or someone else has done ?

and enter it in the comment box below.

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The more people know what a funny old world we live in the better,
as if we didn't that know already, phew ?!

If you can't think of anything now come back later.

See it as a form of therapy to make everyone laugh (hopefully) with your wit and general all round funniness.

Yes, comeback and say something as many times as you wish.

The more the merrier.

Come on folks - we need more silly nonsense !

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