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Bar Jokes that are funny !

Popular Jokes
The odd drink

A man walks into a bar and orders eight whiskies, yes eight whiskies !

He lines them up in a row and knocks back the first, third, and fifth and seventh glasses.

He gets up to go.

"Don’t you want the others?" asks the man behind the bar. "You only had seven of your whiskies." 

"Best not," replies the man. "My doctor said it was better to have only the odd drink."

Brainy Bar

A brain walks into a bar and asks the barman for a set of jump-leads, but the barman tells him to get out as he's barred.

"What?": says the brain, "I've never been in here before."

"Get lost," says the barman, "you're out of your head and you're trying to start something."

Trouble with the Wife

One night a man walks into a bar looking sad. The bartender asks the man what he wants.

The man says "Oh just a beer".

The bartender asked the man "What's wrong, why are you so down today?".

The man said "My wife and I got into a fight, and she said she wouldn't talk to me for a month".

The bartender said "So what's wrong with that"?

The man said "Well the month is up tonight".

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