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What happens when you fall in love with these guys

A chef? (You get buttered up)
A chauffeur? (You get taken for a ride)
A gambler? (He cheats on you)
A telephone operator? (He gives you a phone-y line)
A Binman? (He dumps you)
A clockmaker? (He two-times you)
A pastry cook? (He desserts you)
A shoe salesman? (He walks all over you)
An elevator operator? (He lets you down)
An artist? (He gives you the brush)
A jogger? (He gives you the run-around)

What happens before and after you fall in love ?

BEFORE - You take my breath away
AFTER - I feel like I'm suffocating

BEFORE - Saturday Night Fever
AFTER - Monday Night Football

BEFORE - Don't stop
AFTER - Don't start

BEFORE - It's like I'm living in a dream
AFTER - It's like he lives in a dream

BEFORE - Turbocharged
AFTER - Jumpstart

BEFORE - We agree on everything
AFTER - Doesn't she have a mind of her own?

AFTER - Idle

BEFORE - He's completely lost without me
AFTER - Why won't he ever ask for directions?

BEFORE - Passion
AFTER - Ration

BEFORE - Once upon a time
AFTER - The end

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