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Caption Competition - Two Timer


What's she thinking

 in this case of tangled love ?


Closing date - Forever

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do you love me like i do

Best of both worlds

OMG... I forgot i had to meet my girlfriend like an hour ago!

He he

i hope my boyfriend doesn't walk in!





I wonder if there is a sale at Payless today...

i love him.....and i need you

he'll never now...but what if he finds out uh-oh!!!


I'm in TROUBLE!!

Try One, Get One Free!


Mail-Order Husbands!, Can't get enough of them!


your just a memory of me, but broked my heart...too late1

well I'm thinking I've got the right hand!!



Well! It's good to keep your options open.


I ask for some men to show up so I could pick one for a date and I get this

wat a ripoff

Break up with him or I'll crush your hand


I don't like this guy, he stinks

Is it just me or does this guy have two right hands?

who are these people?

omg his hands have changed a bit :s

This boy must be double-jointed


hey you only live once!!

OH yea

Hahaha He Has Nooo Idea


UGH! They're fighting over me AGAIN!

what he don't know won't hurt him

here's the story about minnie the moocher she was a low down hoochy-coocher...

god damn Siamese twins

Who Is This Huggin me? I Just Want My Boyfriend - jakey

Everybody needs somebody

i could be so lucky lucky lucky lucky

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