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Caption Competition - Cat Walk


What is the cat saying

 in this precarious situation ?


Closing date - Forever

Send Your Caption Below

Leave a nickname if you want a credit


Best Captions will be PUBLISHED HERE



"I'm married" : HAHAHAHAHA!!!
On your knees n give me 50! Mitch
sit up straight boys!!!
top dog? try top cat!
Look over there > !
Sorry. Don't fancy any of them.
ewww my feet are wet! can this get any worse?
I think I'm being watched !!!! POPPY
cats rule... dogs drool!! vicki

I could easily take this lot on....

but i can't be bothered!

holy dog.. who let the dogs out lol
what are u starring at
stand up straight................ IM THE BOSS NOW
Take a walk on the wild side
Which one of you fellas is my dad?
Alright u dogs, lets not be errrr... RUFF about this
I think I'm going to need more than nine lives?
14/1 don't seem good odds to me .....

I can't believe it. They had to bring me here?


I've told you once I'll tell you again,

the top dog is always a CAT!

sssmelly dddogs??
Dog damit!

Dogs are stupid hahaha....

there's one behind me isn't there? doh!

The dogs were bad enough, but this puddle just makes it ridiculous.

What's wrong fellas?

Can't hit a moving target?

every one take your places,

on yur mark get set go

Looks like I'm the only brave one here.
ok ladies.... get ready for the next exercise...
fella's... come on now, It's not nice to stare. Didn't they teach u that in the academy?
why haz i joined the academy
Today, 14 dogs, tomorrow the world! Kitty-kat
alright now drop and give me my fish back and no one gez hurt
What's up with the wall of fur? jen
Forward march! Mitch
So...Does my bum look big in this or what?
Work it baby, work it!!
Eat your heart out boys!! ;-)


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watz up dogz stop staringz at mez
Ok men, we attack the humans at dawn
Stunt Double!!!!
I have the force
arright!!! follow me and do what your trained to do!!!
"If GOD be for you, who can be against you?"
don't look at them... they're just stupid dogs... that could turn me into a KITTY-KABOB!!!
Woof woof woof meeow! Oh god NO!!!!!
Darn that truck! That was my 8th life!!!

Maybe they're as dumb as they look...


SIT!! good doggies!

stop looking ats me i know im FIIIINE!!


pick someone of your own size
its a good job I'm invisible
am i in hell or what......
Don't make eye contact
I'm married...

Go Ahead. Meet my 10 friends on my paws.

Ok I know Cats don't like water but what would you do!!!

please, give me a break!

tony a

back away slowly

oh stuff it run for your life

Help Me! U Know I just HATE Dogs!!!
I'll be fine, I've got 9 lives!
oh god I'm in the dead zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

think of happy things OH TOO HAPPY.... no need to panic just now.....


Free at last, free at last I am free at last!
They DON'T see me !!!
stupid sat nav

ok ok ... walk away slowly, slowly....


i don't get paid enoff to do this!
i will survive this day and tell all my cat friends!
Of course I hate dogs, they're big, smelly and stupid...why do you ask though?
wats up dogz
Why exactly do I have to test the obedience training?
im chuck norris' catz ... they knowz betta

undersTood ?!!! now follow me

.. we will now aTTack the pet cliniC.

ha you can't get me, na na na na na na right.

I'm Too Sexy For My Doggies....

I can take you all!!

do not not panic.....

NOW! PANIC !!!!!!!!!!!..

не обращайте на меня внимания

(Do not pay attention to me)

I'm too sexy for y'all. Down boys.

from Mach

It is about time I told you this.... I'm not your real mum... off to da pub xx
I am sure there is a 'pets at home' here somewhere!
They can't see me if i don't move
why are all these dogs seeing me?
i know i am cute
We has a puddle between us Mr Speech Bubble
I wonder who's the daddy!!

If anything happens I'll still have 8 left.

 HA HA doggies!

HOLY SHINKEYS !!!!!!!!! a puddle
Alright you mutts listen up, I'm a cat Your a dog, YOU listen to ME. Got that?
That's right I'm a cat, whatcha mutts gonna do bout it?
Now This Could Be A Problem

Follow mee lads...

we aff somee things to take care of...

I'm sure it's number six that attacked me last week officer, It's the beady eyes that gives him away.
dis ain't good
Attention who is da best :)
Lets see how I look in the reflection of this puddle :O what's that behind me ??

Why aren't I dead yet?

I thought they would be quicker than that.

Just strut your stuff.
right men time to go for mc donalds

So, how's it gonna go?

 One at a time or all of you at once?

On your mark! Get set.......
listen up I'm you new commander and I run the show
Thank God I'm at the school for the blind! Hopefully they can't smell either
um... hi. er... brb
I am on the front line...scared
Cats rule
we're gonna hit em and hit em hard
I'm definitely not going to be picked for the gym team!
Right soldiers lets move!
don't bother with me fellaz just uuuh walking along O_O
who let the dogs out!!!
this must be the human shelter
go on take your best shot I DARE YA
Last time I listen to Fluffy...
that is your mission, should you choose to accept it...
can't believe they haven't noticed yet
good doggies....good doggies....stay!
I could beat them up with 3 paws tied behind my back!

OMG get me out a here!!!!!!


come on boys, he went thatta way

By Jodes

just cuttin through

On your marks! Get set! Goooo!!!

argh run

I can walk on water, amazing huh?

Oh Don't Tell ME The World's Gone TO The Dogs Again

like seeing my other side?

It's ok - I don't think they've seen me

By Jodes

Take a good look fella's coz you can't tap this!


You can look... but you CAN'T touch!


ok lads on my signal

Ooh! What's that over there!

I wonder why there are so many dogs? Why are they staring at me?

Okay I get it. I'm not allowed through so I'll just go round

get me if you can


dare to race me

I feel like I'm being watched...

If I just keep on walking maybe I won't be noticed

You wouldn't dare attack a helpless kitty, like me would you?

u mugs

muggles' mugles' muggles

I will get it next time

No autographs please

 and please hold your applause

dare ya

time for me to run - catch me if you can

Wait for it! Waith for it!!

Ever have that feeling you were being watched?

just keep walking... just keep walking

DAMN ... just got me paws wet!!!

WOW hopeless little creatures!

That's the plan guys now move out!

Bite Me!

Oh God....Oh My lord.....God help me...

smile and wave boys, smile and wave!

by james

Those are your orders. Do not disappoint me.

Though I walk through the Valley of Death, I fear no evil.

Gentlemen !?

I told you dogs were stupid

The dogs home obviously ran out of food again...

making a exit

Where's them fools gone this time?


You stop it or I will hurt you

Come on then boys who's first?


well... this is awkward

matt c

All right men, fall in for inspection!

Ok! You're about to die!!!

What a bunch of Pussys!!

This is the best army my staff could raise?

See ya thursday guys!

Its just a dream....just a dream!!!

boys ..

Dog? What dogs?

That's nothing I'm a cat

I can take them on in my sleep!

omg omg omg omg omg help me lord plz!


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