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Constant as the Northern Star


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The Tivoli Theatre

Memories of New Brighton

from Cherryredshoes

My father worked backstage at the Tivoli Theatre for many years and eventually moved to work at the Floral Pavilion when the theatre closed as did many of the backstage staff.


The irony is that my fathers "day job" as a building inspector for the local authority meant that he was involved in the enforced destruction of the Tivoli and it had a devastating effect on him at the time . He had unfortunately to be a regular visit to the site to check it out while it stood empty and neglected for a number of years.


I have very fond memories of playing in pantomime there when I was young and of sitting in the theatre at a very early age watching the "stars of the day" perform.


Mostly they were variety shows but also there was a good sprinkling of concerts, plays and, wonder of wonders, ballet .Bothe Ballet Legat and the International ballet performed there and very early in her career Billy Whitelaw played some of her first lead rolls with the Saxon Players. Soldiers in Skirts, Charlie Chester [radio comedian] Winifred Atwell and her "other piano", Wilson Keppel and Betty, Lucan and McShane, David Hughes, and eventually lots of "ladies " wearing very little and posed around greek urns etc...ah memories !


What a little gem it would have been had the council of the time not been hell bent on removing the character of New Brighton as they did!


My father also saw new careers taking off during his time there Frankie Vaughan and Ken Dodd being the two who really made it big. I have for some time being trying to find photos of the interior but have drawn a blank sadly. If by chance anyone can help my e mail address is as follows :- cherryredshoes @


Many thanks for your memories and if you have any photos of the Tivoli we would gladly post them here if attached to this email



CherryRed You take me back in time, from a present in Northern Ontario Canada to the front rows of the Tivoli theatre as a 15 year old boy. I had just started work and the shop that I worked for advertised the Tivoli each week. In payment the store owner was given a free pass which could be used by any staff member. I used it weekly while I was working there, and really enjoyed the shows that I saw. My greatest enjoyment was when close to my 16th birthday, the comic in the show invited me and several others up on the stage to assist. He brought several of the chorus line out on stage paired us up, then announced that we were to do the Charleston. Unknown to him. as a student at the Killens school of dance in Egremont, I was quite familiar with the dance and what a feeling that was, for this almost 16year old to take this wonderful looking dancer in his arms and actually dance on stage at the Tivoli, and even to be complimented by the dancer I was with. (a memory that has lasted all through a long life) Last time I visited New Brighton I was floored to find that most of the places remembered fondly by me, were gone. bobtaylor @

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Memories of Wilkies Palace, Funfair, New Brighton