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 Victoria Baths, Manchester - Exterior

Victoria baths was built in 1906 and is one of the most extraordinary buildings in Manchester from the Victorian-Edwardian era. The first time I saw it I thought wow !!. It was last used in 1993, sadly it has been left to decay and ruin.

Victoria Baths, Manchester : Front View 1

The building has very attractive brickwork. Nearly every corner of the building is covered in decorative stone and ornamentation and inside there is superb stained glassed windows and glazed tiling. The new swimming baths in Manchester, the Manchester Aquatics Centre, is functional and up to date, but has no soul.

There is a campaign to save the baths. An attempt to get funding from the National Lottery proved amazingly unsuccessful. I thought the National Lottery was there to save such beautiful buildings. A true pleasure palace of the people.

The baths recently won funding from the BBC Restoration programme - Congratulations ! The people have spoken and made a very wise choice.

Exterior - Interior - Stained Glass & Tiles

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Victoria Baths, Manchester : Detail 1Victoria Baths, Manchester : Detail 2

Victoria Baths, Manchester : Front View 2

Comment "I used these baths in 1976-77. I was living in Fenella Street at the time. There was an indoor bathroom/toilet but the bath was iron and had rusted through the enamel. Sometime later, someone had tried to repair it by painting it with emulsion. I had to find somewhere to have a proper bath. One where you got out cleaner rather than dirtier. Victoria baths had real baths all round the outside of the upstairs balcony. They were clean, hot and had tremendous water pressure - the bath would easily fill in three minutes. I wish now that I'd paid more attention. It was there, I needed a bath and it was cheap."

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Victoria Baths, Manchester : View 1Victoria Baths, Manchester : View 2

Victoria Baths, Manchester : View 3Victoria Baths, Manchester : View 4

Comment "Beautiful architecture and wonderful stained glass windows. Pity you cannot see it the way it really was!"

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Victoria Baths, Manchester : Detail 3Victoria Baths, Manchester : View 5

Victoria Baths, Manchester : View 6

Some Christian Rap played in Victoria Baths

>>>>> Video <<<<<

Comment "I learnt to swim here as a pupil of nearby St Roberts in the early 70's.I now live in South America and by accident saw an episode of a U.K. tv show " Vincent " featuring a scene which I instantly realised was shot in " the baths ".It made the hairs on my neck stand up and brought back many fond memories. This is easily one of the finest Victorian buildings in Manchester, of which there are many and would be great to see it restored to all it's finery."

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