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Constant as the Northern Star


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Dream Sculpture, Sutton Manor,
St Helens Merseyside

Dream Sculpture - Sutton Manor - St Helens - 1

Commissioned by ex-miners and St Helens Council this a great sculpture or statue placed on top of an old now defunct coal mine Sutton Manor.

Dream Sculpture - Sutton Manor - St Helens - 2

The way I look at it the miners had a hard difficult job working down the pits and now that has all gone there is the future represented by a young girl dreaming of what could be. For me it works.

Dream Sculpture - Sutton Manor - St Helens - 3

They could have asked for a statue of a miner with his pit helmet carrying a pick axe bent over with toil and covered in dust, but they have rejected that idea and help create something with a bit of vision not a morbid preoccupation with the past.

Dream Sculpture - Sutton Manor - St Helens - 4

If you travel down the M62 between Manchester and Liverpool you might just catch a glimpse of it near the St Helens junction though one has to admit it is not at all easy to see. Best to visit Sutton Manor and walk up the now nicely landscaped spoil heaps to see it in person.

Some facts about the Dream  - designed by Spanish Artist Jaume Plensa - 20 metres high - weighs 370 tons - made out of concrete - date of these photos nearing final construction May 2009



i am 79 years old .i was born in st helens and my father worked down the pit at sutton manor colliery. there was no such a thing as a coal cutter .the coal had to be cut manually .my brother also worked down the pit .We had a miners club in sutton manor .where miners would enjoy a chat and a pint together. The worse thing that ever happened was when the colliery shut down.

I only caught a glimpse of this statue as a past it on the motorway, and i gotta say it was a moment of 'Awe' and a little surreal, but it brightened my day.

I disagree Ron I went to see 'Dream' and was very moved. It does make you think of the brave men and women who gave their lives but also brings a calmness about the future.

Its is very good I've been there

And that is why Ron the ex miners chose this design. Not to have a morbid reflection of the past but a celebration of bygone times there and now looking towards the future. The past is past.
The reason we dint have a mining monument is that we have 3 already in St Helens which is dedicated to the men and women who worked in the mines, we dint want 4. This sculpture looks to the future not to remain static in the past. Mining is finished in the North West and there it will remain. Dream is magnificent and we in St Helens are lucky to have it, thanks to the living brave miners who had the bottle to commission it.
As I was raised in this Village and come from a family that goes back many many years down this pit. My Father was the winder of Number 2 shaft. My grandfather worked 56 years down the pit and my brothers were also employed in the pit. I had one uncle who broke his back when the coal face collapsed on him. Another uncle died of dust disease. I was the only member of the family who refused to work at the pit. I could write a book about this pit but I myself am getting old and I haven't the time left. My name is Ron Bannister. The people who chose this design did nothing to remember the brave men and women who gave their lives to this industry.

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