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Pink Cadillac

Came across this car went I went to see a man about a dog. There is a dispute about whether it is pink or lilac or purple, anyway, I think it is pink. A cult car no one can miss. It would not fit in my garage and its gas guzzling must be phenomenal. Still I like it, it is trashy and gaudy and too big but wow ! Sorry I do not know who owns it or how much one costs.

Those who love the Pink Cadillac

Well I could send you some pics of my pink Eldorado convertible if you had an address!!

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these are pretty

Oh my god !! i just absolutely adore this car !! it is just so sexy and shiny and PINK everything that describes myself !! i want it hopefully daddy will get me one like that for my birthday !! =D wahay

dis is hugeeeee i wanna have a ride please let me. it is minted.

Nice Car

I really want one, how much would this car cost???

This car is a proper stunner! I'd snap it up any day, as I love Cadillac's, and love the colour pink!

VeRy FuNnY !

I NEED the paint code for this mary kay pink !!!
I want to paint my car this colour !

This is the Kim Basinger´s pink Cadillac at Love me Tender movie

omg yall are crazy there are only certain cars that look good in pink and ill stick with the pink 1958 or 76 Cadillac DeVille before id paint a freaking hummer or escalade pink. keep it old school. don't wear it out.

That's a Coupe De Ville, looks to be a 76 and the colour is the old Mary Kay Pink. These cars were awarded for top sales.- Rob

pimpin!!! its kl

Differently pink dudes HOLLA!

This car is PIMP!!!!!!!

Lov da caddy, want 1 4 myself

these cars are poppin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh I absolutely love love love it. On my way to school I pass one it's b.e.a.utiful my nam tried to get to hire it to pick me up from school in it but she couldn't this is my dream car I love it. x

This is so cool i love all the pink. I wish the world would be like that. Gots to <3 it. Keep on looking for pink hot cars

Pink Cadillac Car

These cars are pretty :) XoX

absolutely Gorjusss!!!!

i love that

don't dis pink cars

If all the cars in this country were painted pink would we be a pink carnation? www.roelf.com

This car is awesome

that is a pimpin car i want that so much!! lol

my dream car is for it to be pink because i just love the color

ThIs CaDdY iS oFf ThE cHaIn ~!!~~!!!!~~!@!!!~~

the colour of pink is great

i love this car but i wish i could drive lol

This car id pimp!

Very very nice pink amazing Cadillac

i love pink cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

definitely pink dudes!  cool i like pink things

Pink Cadillac Car

sweet cars

Is very very very nice car

Bi*cHiN' evry1 shud ava pInK car!!!!

these cars are awesome!

i like pink Cadillac's because were studying on it

Love it

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but this car has a lot of admirers. So we have decided to conduct a poll

Do you think Cadillac is Beautiful or Ugly ?





Yep ! 400 and still counting, supporters of the 'beautiful' faction

are way in the lead. Goes without saying really :-)


Those who don't like the Pink Cadillac

Except for the Escalade SUV and 1 or 2 1958-1961 pictured, all the rest are RE-paints. A true pink car, is one that comes out of its manufacturer's plant IN PINK. Simply taking a green car, and having a body shop paint it pink is NOT an original car.

I'm a mk lady and i think the car needs updating. Won't drive it

that car sucks


WTH! This is the ugliest fat-**sed car I've ever seen.

I think its GREEN!!

i wonder how much it would cost?!? probably about 50p!!! lol

there not very good


there is an erra n dat thing is miging!!!!!


Nice car but a bit of a Barbie car

There was a time i thought i wanted a pink Cadillac. then i woke up, came out of the pink fog, quit being a kaybot and left the cult for a real life with my husband and kids. www.pinktruth.com

I like the colour but not the car

don't like it at all, better cars out there

ugliest car i have ever seen get a life man


Wings on a Cadillac Coupe de Ville Automobile


Cor !! Look at the wings on that Cadillac Coupe de Ville

ugh, its okay. in other words, U-G-L-Y! LOL

I think this is da ugliest car I have ever seen!!

I love the pink escilade I'm in love with it!!

I think the car would look even better with purple poka dots !!

i think that it a ugly **s car

Pink Cadillac Convertible

Pink Cadillac Convertible


Definitely is a 1976 De Vill and it absolutely is pink. Were it another colour it would be a nice ride. Being pink makes it not just ugly but really UGLY! Well maintained "large car", all it needs is paint. Value, around 2,000usd

ther ugggggggggllllleeeeeeeeeee

The people who left comments don't know very much. Pics 1,2 & 3 are the same car, a 1975, not 1976 Cadillac. The Station Wagon is NOT a Cadillac, but rather a PACKARD, looking like a 1958. The car labelled 1959 is really a 1958.

This 1959 pink Cadillac revolves over the bar at the world's largest Hard Rock Cafe at Universal City Walk, Orlando.


This 1959 pink Cadillac revolves over the bar at the world's largest Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando.

Pink 1958 Cadillac

Pink 1958 Cadillac

Right Click photo and save it, do not hot link to websites, message boards or blogs -Thanks


I have got a pink clio same pink as the Cadillac escalade its a real head turner !! Puts a smile on people faces !!

Pink Cadillac Escalade

Pink Cadillac Escalade

Right Click photo and save it, do not hot link to websites, message boards or blogs -Thanks

I'd settle for the pink escalade that's cute as hell

OMG the pink Jeep is soooo cool if i seen that jeep i would get mi granda 2 get it 4 me OMG thers a pink jeep !!!!!! aha LOL i can't belive theres a pink jeep love ya al be back to buy yhoo some dai

I hate pink but it look good on dat Escalade

i <3 esclades

i love the pink cadillac escalade

I WAnt that Escalade!!!



The one above is a 1959 Series 62 Pink Cadillac Convertible

The one below is a 1959 Series 62 Pink Cadillac Flat Top Super Stretch Limousine

© Copyright - Reproduced by kind permission of American Dream Cars

wow i love pink cars i wanttt thee 4 byy 4

i do like them but u should get some newer cars on here!

hi i like pink cars

Pink Cadillac on the Ceiling

Pink Cadillac on the Ceiling

Right Click photo and save it, do not hot link to websites, message boards or blogs -Thanks

everyone should have a pink car!

'59 Cadillac

59 Pink Cadillac

Right Click photo and save it, do not hot link to websites, message boards or blogs -Thanks

YEsss I love pinkkkk, New Model & Classic vehicles. Bring em ON behbe!

wow theese r mint cars man

Pink Fins

Pink Fins Pink Cadillac

More Pink Fins

Pink Fins Cadillac

i love pink cars but the one at the bottom is much cuter! xxx

Oh yeah these are the most pimpolicious cars ever! us usa people luv em! just git on some nicer cars like lamborghinis and hummers and tuner cars. yal ever heard of wisconsin? just wonderin, so please put on what i have listed.

Hae dis car b FABULOUS an all u h8rs dnt b jelous

wel im only 16 and have been in love with cadilacs since i duno wen love older cars they look so much better than most of the modern 1s i mean come on grease lightning lol

Pink Cadillac for a Wedding

Pink Cadillac for a Wedding

pink cars are alsome

hya ppl i lurv ta colour pink it's a pirl thing id lurv one of these cars if i had the money but unfortunately i don't these cars are lurssh top cars!!!!

that car is so fly the only thing that would be better is a pink hummer beside it olla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


oh my gosh pink is my fav color

 i want a pink hummer so bad

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