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Constant as the Northern Star


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New Photo Section Marbury Country Park, Cheshire
Callanish Stones - Isle of Lewis - Scotland  

Concorde at Manchester Airport

"my grandad works on the concorde in manchester airport "

Nelson's Victory, Portsmouth

"Any clarification as to the listing of Lord Nelson as commander??? Thanks for any response JIM"

Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, Wirral, UK : Video Photo Slide show
Wood Anemone wildflowers - closeup Wood anemone - Wildflowers
Loughborough plus Carillon Tower 2016  
Lancaster Canal near Garstang, Lancashire Lancaster Canal near Garstang, Lancashire 2016

Free Virtual Tour of Liverpool England

"sound mate!"

Dream Sculpture, St Helens

Dream Sculpture, Sutton Manor, St Helens, Photos

A statue dedicated by the Miners of St Helens

Steam Engine Peak Rail, Derbyshire, England

Video : Steam Engine and more Peak Rail in Derbyshire, England

A day trip to Derbyshire on a steam train

Video : PLANET Steam Train Locomotive Engine

Video :PLANET Steam Train Locomotive Manchester

My video of a fully working replica of one of the earliest steam trains in the world

Video of some factory steam engines in Bolton, England

Video : Bolton Steam Museum Mill Factory Engines

For those who like engines powered by old fashioned steam

Sea Holly

Sea Holly the plant of the sea shore

Nice plant found at the seaside

Big big spider

Spider on the loose in Liverpool

Big spider found on side of building in Liverpool City Centre

Powerbyke Electric Bike : Quick Review and Photos

For a while now I have be using a trailer on my bike to do my shopping and local errands.

Portmeirion : Location of the TV Cult series THE PRISONER

"brilliant.. my 1st wish is to visit here"

Greyfriars Bobby : A loyal Dog
Canon Digital IXUS 80 IS Camera - 8MP Canon Digital IXUS 80 IS Camera - Silver (8.0MP) from

Rolls-Royce Centenary in Manchester - 4th May 2004
Christian Radich Sailing Ship Christian Radich Sailing Ship

HMS Warrior - Portsmouth

HMS Warrior - Portsmouth

"wonderful ship. and fine pictures, congratulations....."


Pink Cadillac

"I'm a mk lady and i think the car needs updating. Won't drive it"

Austin 7 Pickup Van

Ford 'Classic'

MG Midget

Bristol 2 litre 200

"The Bristol Car Company bought the design of the pre-war BMW328 and put it back into production. There was no market for expensive luxury cars in Germany"

Great Manchester Run - 23rd May 2004

Tyre fire in Levenshulme, Manchester

Bedford RL

Formby Point, Sefton, Merseyside

"i live in formby, and it seems you really have all the good points to make. 5/5"

Leyland Double-Decker Bus

Morecambe, Lancashire

"I spent a year in Morecambe in 1981/82 in during my second year at Lancaster University. It was quite cold and wet but during the winter it was full of students occupying holiday flats. We had some great nights at the pier on Monday evenings......"

New Brighton, Wirral, Merseyside

"I live in Ellesmere Port not too far away from New Brighton, and took my three boys crabbing......"

New Brighton : Chapter Two : Photos : Video : Memories :

"great site.i lived in marion st. birkenhead in the 40s-50s i used to walk to new brighton often on a sunday...."

New Brighton : The Magnet (1950) showing various scenes of New Brighton and Liverpoo

A video showing what New Brighton looked like in 1950l

New Brighton : A Story about the New Brighton Tower : Photos : Memories

Donít Forget the Diver - Memories of New Brighton from Norman

New Brighton and Griff's recollections working on the fair

"I lived on belmont road new brighton from 1981 to 1989 they were the best days of my life, i lived in the fair and arcade for them 8 years...."

Growing up in New Brighton - Memories

The Tivoli Theatre in New Brighton - Recollections

GOOD OLD NEW BRIGHTON : A Watercolour painting by Denny Hunt

New Brighon - Memories of Maris Stella Convent School

"My wife attended Maris Stella High School an has a blue booklet with the school name, crest and date May 1952......"

Roelf's Images and Artwork

Mal's Bike

Jarlshof Ancient Settlement - Shetland Islands

Sefton Park Palm House, Liverpool

New York - Photos from Creative Commons

Giant Hogweed

Manchester Cow Parade 2004

Parys Mountain Copper Mine, Amlwch, Anglesey

Uluru, Ayers Rock, Australia

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