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Parys Mountain - Copper Mine

Amlwch - Anglesey - Wales

There has been a mine at Parys mountain for at least 3500 years. It's heyday was the 18th and 19th Centuries when there where thousands of workers at the site providing most of the worlds copper. The centre of the mountain has been gouged out, and at one point was one of the biggest man made holes. All with a little bit of dynamite, pick, shovel and horse power !

View of Parys Mountain

A Martian like landscape, red and brown is everywhere. Apparently it was used as a location for "Dr.Who" the cult English Sci-Fi series and featured in the BBC Restoration programme. It has also claim to fame for providing the copper hulls of the British Navy, in particular HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar, commanded by Admiral Lord Nelson in 1805. This mine was one of the essential ingredients for the start of industrial revolution.


It is a great place to go for a walk, though one should be wary of big holes suddenly appearing, keeping to the sign posted ways is really essential. In late August there is masses of purple heather because of the acidic soil and lots of birds with the occasional butterfly thrown in !


The mine is a couple of miles from the port of Amlwch whose harbour was used to transport the copper by sea. It has a really nice museum explaining the history of Amlwch. the copper mines, the sea and even the tobacco industry which thrived at one point.


Click images to get the bigger picture

Parys Mountain Mine

Parys Mountain - Keep to the Footpath

Parys Mountain - Settling Ponds

Parys Mountain - Rock Outcrops   Parys Mountain - Drainage Gully

Parys Mountain - More rocky outcrops  Parys Mountain - Steam House

Parys Mountain - sample of rocky ground  Parys Mountain - Butterfly


Parys Mountain - Rock Sample  Parys Mountain - Another rock sample

Parys Mountain - Cave  Parys Mountain - Rock outcrop that looks like Margarine

Parys Mountain - Big Rock Outcrop  Parys Mountain - Rocky Ground

Parys Mountain - View of Landscape  Parys Mountain - Windmill

Parys Mountain - Rock Slip  Parys Mountain - Service Road

Parys Mountain - More margarine looking rock  Parys Mountain - Drifts of Heather




We have just returned from a holiday in a caravan in Amlwch 26/06/2010 and the mine is a truly fantastic place, well worth walking around. As someone previously said, the silence is deafening and a must for all who visit the area to see, although someone told us it is truly stunning when it rains and all the rocks show their true colours. Alan and Andrea.
We've moved into a bungalow at the foot of Parys Mountain and have the splendour of it framed in our dining room and kitchen window. We are about to leave the house for our first walk on the mountain - the first of many all being well.
Went there yesterday on a beautiful, sunny day. Totally unreal and fascinating landscape - hard to believe you're still in the lush isle of Anglesey whilst trudging around the deathly quiet, Martian rockscape. Highly recommended - and free!

Is there a book on the subject?

Yes there are from
Copper Mountain (A series of historic revisions for Anglesey) - by John Rowlands - "This is the classic study, first published in 1966, of Anglesey's copper industry during the eighteenth century"
The Copper King: Thomas Williams of Llanidan (Landmark Collectors Library) - by J.R. Harris - "During the Industrial Revolution, Parys Mountain became the world's most important source of copper and Northern Anglesey enj...
Copper Kingdom: Parys Mountain and Amlwch's Port - by Philip Steele - "In 1768, at Anglesey's Parys Mountain mines, a prospector's lucky strike set off a copper boom. The island became the world's..."
Walked around this site in February with my Daughter and her boyfriend, both students at Bangor. What a fantastic place. I am fifty but I am really a little boy and just had to go everywhere and look at everything. It is amazing, what an adventure. I will be back before the year is out to do it all again. Steve R 23/7/2009
Love the photographs here; I remember visiting the area when I was a lad in the early 1970's - I wonder if anyone can help with something though - I would like to use genuine Welsh mined copper for making craft work - does anyone know where I could buy it?
We live on Parys Mountain and feel very privileged to do so after reading the comments on here. What a lovely web site, thanks for sharing it with us.
Is a beautiful site. My family emigrated from Wales to America a very long time ago, they were always proud of their Welsh Heritage. They even passed down the stories of the oysters there in Wales. Here in America now, only non-white heritage is taught and any other is looked upon negatively. I hope one day to return to the Country my family came from, Wales, the Country I grew up hearing so much about. Would be wonderful to stand on the soil of Wales, where I belong.

great walk, don't forget boots and water bottle

Just stayed at Penysarn and went for a walk on the mountain used the self guide you can buy in the car park. Found it very interesting you can really get a feel for the history. My son Jamie loved it telling him the stories as we walked around. All the family loved it. Lisa, Angie, Gerry, Marg and Jamie.

We shall have to visit this now we have seen your stunning pictures, we'll visit in May with geologist friends.

My Great Grandmother was born in Amlwych (1848). How lovely to be able to see these photos. Hopefully I will see this place in May 2008. I am from Canada. Thank you so much.

who is the owner of parys mountain?

Darn. Now, another great place I'd love to visit - and the list is 32 pages long, as is! Very lovely photos, thank you! Don Reed

Had a great day on the mountain while camping in nearby Moelfre.
Strangely Beautiful and Dreamlike, yet bursting with the memories of History and Hardship, wrought for the benefit of others.
We were there together,
Steve, Jan, Joel, Elika, Clint and Jordan,
Daz, Nia, Heidi, Annie, Conor and Elvis. August 2006
Looks like a movie set!!
Visited the mountain earlier today, and these pictures are just brilliant. Scott
Truly spectacular pictures pete from holyhead
Alibongo- brilliant pictures, the person who used to own Parys Mountain had about 6000 acres between Meni Bridge and Beaumaris, our house used to be the stables! you can't imagine it now though because it is massive, he must have had a lot of horses! anyway thank you for these amazing pictures
Trippy - Nice page. I'm glad you shared. It's nice to see other parts of the world (one way or another.)  Columbus, Ohio, USA.


Excellent images. Hoping to take some of my own this week
Love it, my parents live in Rhosybol. My dad loves the mountain. Thank You. x
Fantastic, what a super website

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