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Constant as the Northern Star


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New Brighton, Wirral, Merseyside

Chapter Three


Along the Beach at New Brighton - Chilling out

In answer to 'ANON' at the top of page 3, yes I remember 'THE WITCHES CAULDRON' it was approached down a staircase the ceiling of which was made to look like rock giving the impression that you were entering a cave. I sang Da Do Ron Ron there as singer in 'THE G MEN' we changed the words to suit a bloke singing to a girl. A hit for The Crystals June 8th. 1963. Allan Halliday, from Moreton, played base guitar and later played with 'THE ODYSSEY' featuring Solomon King's ( She Wares My Ring ) keyboard player who's name escapes me. 

Incidentally, Allan Halliday was better known as H and years later I met up with The Odyssey when I was lead singer with 'The New Design' a four piece band with Syd Colvyn on lead, Ian ? on base and Steve Mailley on drums. We played often at the Tivoli night club before it was gutted by fire around 1970. We were well known in many venues around Merseyside, even did a gig on The Royal Iris ferry boat.

Ian Gordon was the drummer ! Denny Hunt.

I lived in New Brighton (Dudley Road) from 1946 to 1964 when we emigrated to Canada. Leaving at the peak of Beatlemania, we thought Ottawa was do DEAD, so we promptly returned for Christmas! Favourite hangout were the Kraal (sneaking next door to the Grand for a pint) and the Derby pool - good luck finding a spot to put your towel! Also, does anyone remember the Witches Cauldron, near the Hotel Vic? It was right at the bottom of my street and a group I hung out with played there. New Brighton was a good place to be as a kid in the 50's & 60's for sure. Anon
I've really enjoyed finding this site. I was born in Liscard in 1948 and lived locally until going to sea in the Merchant Navy in 1964 and then joining the RN in 1968. I remember with fondness the Wellington Inn for a few on a Saturday before getting the bus to NB and finally ending up in the Crackers. I recall watching the 1966 Cup Final in there and being upset that Everton came back from being 2-nil down! I visited and stayed in NB in March with my son who'd accompanied me to watch Liverpool v Portsmouth - he enjoyed his trip to my birthplace. I sincerely hope the redevelopment doesn't spoil NB - the place and the people deserve something great. Anon

I was born in 1939 and lived in Aigburth, Liverpool.  We we not very well off, and our Summer Holidays consisted of one day out to Southport by train, and one day trip to New Brighton on the ferry.  We used to look forward so much to these outings.  We used to have a few rides on the fair - not many because money was tight.  I remember a roundabout with (to me) enormous horses which just went round, not up and  down.  My mother insisted on going on with me, in case I fell off.  She got dizzy halfway through the ride and insisted on the man stopping it so she could get off. I was mortified!


The day I remember most was when we had just arrived and gone onto the beach, or "the shore" as we called it.  My brother went running off, slipped on the rocks, and fell into a pool, soaking all his clothes.  We were promptly marched back to the ferry and off home, in case he "caught his death of cold".  Of course, clothes were all wool and cotton in those  days, and took ages to dry.  I can still remember the anguish of our special day out being snatched away from us. We were heartbroken! Anon

Does anyone remember the old Reaction records on Victoria road. I can't remember the year it closed down but it was going in the 1980s? Anon

i lived in windsor street, new brighton from 1967 till 1985,reaction records was at the top on corner of victoria road, it later moved to further down victoria road, it closed in the early 80,s,it was the best record shop around, I bought & exchanged some great albums in reaction, the best record shop in the world, ever! Anon

I was a boy in Wallasey during the fifties and early sixties, attending Manor Road school, my earliest memory of New Brighton was the yanks from Burtonwood and how easily they were parted from their money, we kids would work the prom, telling our American chums that we had lost our bus fare and could they help, they responded with huge generosity, generally yielding at least a tanner, and even on the occasions when you tapped the same yank twice, it would be be a source of good humour. Another scam was to harass them when they sat in the shelters by Vale Park, anxious to get on with their  courting, they would give you a bob to get lost. As my teens set in, Saturday night became a ritual, starting with about 3 pints of almost undrinkable  brown over bitter in the Wellie at Liscard, thence by 14 bus to "Newbie", with first port of call the Ferry, followed by the Ship and Criterion, and then the night was concluded with a visit to what I can only describe as a drinking den which I think was in Egerton St, called the Crackers Club, followed in the early hours with an orderly walk home along Seabank Rd, not causing any problems to police or fellow citizens alike. I am sorry about New Brighton's decline, but having lived in Weston Super Mare and witnessed the same process, I think those of us with memories should recognise them for what they are, a part of the history of seaside resorts that are the like of which we will  never see again. Blurter.

There always will be a hardcore of local residents who do not want any new development but I am sure if a new plan could be found which the majority of residents are happy with then New Brighton could move forward and at the same time recapture some if it's glory days.

Sure all seaside resorts have been in decline for the past thirty years but there can't be that many that have declined to extent New Brighton has.

Development on a small scale will not have it competing with Blackpool or Southport again but at least it will give the town something to offer and hopefully bring back some pride in the town as well. Anon

I live a 5 min walk from New Brighton, it has slowly started to retain its former glory, it is gradually attracting more visitors to the area, there is a new bowling and laser quest complex. Anon

I don't think the marine lake should be developed, there are so many shopping centres and cinemas already by all means have new shops and tidy up the area but don't get rid of something that is so Individual as the Marine lake. Don't turn it into just another shopping complex  we have Liverpool Birkenhead, Cheshire oaks and lots more. "we've seen this before" Anon

Entirely agree :-)  Icarus at Y2U

I lived in Wallasey from the late forties to the sixties, reading the
comments from other people brought back a lot of happy memories. Anon

Hi Folks, I am 64 now and lived in Liverpool until I was 23,  I have many happy memories of New Brighton. As school kids we used to get to the Liverpool Pier Head, then the Ferry across to Seacombe and walk to New Brighton. This meant that we had more money to spend on the fair. Our favourite ride was the "Figure of Eight" A visit to the Wax works was not to be missed especially the chamber of horrors. I still remember falling into the children's boating lake with all my clothes on. Catching crabs under the pier etc.  In the early 60s I was in the band called "Karl Terry and the Cruisers". We played at the Tower Ballroom on many occasions. This was always followed by fish and chips from a chippy near the bus station.  Recently my wife and I attended The Floral Pavilion to see James Burton, Great guitarist and on another visit Bill Wyman and his band.  Whenever possible, we stay at Dunsandles Guest House and have a fabulous view of the Mersey Estuary from our bedroom window. I only have happy memories of New Brighton and I hope that other people can say the same.  Best wishes to New Brighton from Gerry and Margaret C


Early Sunday mornings sometime in the misty sixties we would set off from West Derby in Liverpool and walked all the way to the Pier Head, catch the ferry to Seacombe and walk right along the prom into New Brighton. Very rarely there was a ferry straight to New Brighton on the Royal Iris which had a small dance floor and remember sliding across it to see how far we could go. Icarus at Y2U

We visited New Brighton from Dudley, West Midlands. It was a really nice seaside town Anon

I am a musicologist researching the concerts at New Brighton Tower in the late 1890s. The programme notes for most of these concerts do not survive, but if anyone has copies, I would be happy to purchase photocopies. Ditto old postcards and photos. If anyone can remember stories from past family members attending these concerts, I'd also love to hear from you. My email is Thank you.

Great site loved reading all the comments about New Brighton I was born and grew up there only left because of my husbands work. I can remember a coffee bar in Victoria Road called Weavers that was in the sixties also the great nights at the tower with all the rock groups fabulous nights out then there was the Kraal as well there was always somewhere to go u never got bored! As the saying goes U had to be there! New Brighton will always be special hope someone does a sympathetic change when the planners move in. ANON

I too have many many fond memories of New Brighton. Born there in the early 50's,I remember all the landmarks, which sadly are no longer there; The Tower fairground and the open air swimming baths being 4 me the most memorable. It would be marvellous to see some 'cine' footage of those days in the 50's & 60's. ANON

Great site, I was born and brought up in New Brighton and live in Brighton, Sussex now. I suppose because I still have the sea and a busy promenade on the doorstep I don't miss the old Egremont Prom so much. They were good old days 50/60's in New Brighton and Wallasey, the place was bustling on the weekends and we teenagers felt we were at the centre of a music revolution, from folk and skittle to the Silver Beatles (remember them). We used to catch the bus and get down to the Kraal Club most Friday nights, sneak into the Grand next door for the illegal bevi, New Brighton Rugby Club dances, Derby and New Brighton pools etc. Its so great to read all the other good memories of hols and days out from L'pool. Still we can't turn the clock back. I just hope the new development is in keeping with the other buildings etc. a big concrete supermarket on the Marine Lake would be obscene. Cath

excellent website, all those memories.... ANON

Front entrance to Fort Perch Rock

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