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Constant as the Northern Star


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New Brighton, Wirral, Merseyside

Chapter Two

New Brighton Heritage Centre

For more information on the area and it's history, you can visit the New Brighton Heritage Centre on Victoria Road. There is a great deal of history recorded there and numerous donated photographs - I'm sure almost any questions about the area's history can be answered there.

Important Message to Rescue the Royal Iris

The Royal Iris ferry is a key part of New Brighton's history and is currently sinking in the Thames. Please sign the petition for it's return

Ex Mersey Ferry the MV Royal Iris


I was born in 1956 and lived in New Brighton until I moved away due to my dad's job in 1969 aged 13 >>>>
omg where do i start, new brighton was the place to be , i lived in "montpellier crescent" by the victoria hotel where i had my wedding party, the prom an viccie road you could not move for the crowds of people coming off the ferry "royal iris" and the tower fairground superb. in the 60's i spent most of time in the "american arcade" victoria road my sister "eve" worked in the cafe next door to the "york pub" an when i ran out of money i bribed her i tell mum she seeing this man and smokes cigarettes lol he became my brother in law she gave me blue riband an coke to keep quiet. all the aforementioned pubs /clubs spent many a happy hour in them, and when tide ebbed go looking for money under the pier all happy memories , still live on wirral and love it. CHECK OUT THE "BRING THE ROYAL IRIS" PAGE ON FACEBOOK, IF SUCCESSFUL SHE WILL GRACE THE MERSEY ONCE AGAIN excellent reading everybody's comments and the fond memories of days gone bye Anon
I was just researching the web for some information on a plaque that has something to do with New Brighton Rugby Club and found this site. Quite interesting reading all the old memories. I too remember the Krall, probably too well! I worked behind the bar at The Travellers Rest in my Uni holidays, drank too much in the Grand especially in the cocktail bar downstairs where there was a divine and wonderfully "buxom" barmaid, name anyone? I remember the Creep Inn it was mainly run for those who owned the fairground wasn't it? It was situated beneath it and wasn't easy to get into! I remember The Late Extra Club as well. I still see John Stanley who lives near me in West Kirby and I still try my best to help New Brighton Rugby Club find it's way in this modern world! I remember when we climbed over the walls of New Brighton pool and went skinny dipping in the small hours of the morning, did the same at The Derby Pool along the prom at Harrison Drive. Weavers Coffee Bar was owned by John too I believe, I saw the Beatles at The Tower and remember the Undertakers and The Karakters there were so many good groups then, New Brighton WAS the centre of the world. Anyone remember The Belgravia and The Hotel Victoria which is now no more! Frank
Hi everyone, my name's Lee, I was born at Clatterbridge Hospital and lived in Withens Lane Liscard from 1968 to 1975. I attended Edgeton grove school for a few years before moving to Scotland. I too remember New Brighton with very found memories. The fair was brilliant, I can almost smell the candy floss and doughnuts just thinking about it. And joy time was something else, can anyone remember a double act the man played the piano and the lady sang, it was a bit of a comedy act I think. Also there was a small shop situated in Withens lane run by a lady we would fondly call auntie cath. My first love was a girl from round the corner, can only remember her as Hayley, would be great to find out how she's doing. Great site, getting all emotional now! Lee
I would like to respond to the comments from "go-ahead vital" this week in the Wirral Globe and the quote that people apposed are narrow minded. I cannot believe that anyone believes that this is our only hope for investment into New Brighton. The UK economy is at an all time high and Merseyside has major investment projects underway.

So why would this project be our last chance? No other country would build a supermarket and car-park on a valuable coastal front. (it's a crime) I understand that it is a condition of the other projects go-ahead; however I feel it is a price to high. Why are we losing such a beautiful open space? Why have an ethos that if there is flat open green land do we have to build on it? Yes someone else commented on having a competition of what we want. Let us look at it this way and then fundraise for these.

My views would be extending the beautiful trams from Birkenhead to derby pool. (What a sight to visitors on the crew ships entering the Mersey, rather then a supermarket). Secondarily; put the war ships in the dips with a new war museum. Remove the perriot structure down to the round-about by Rawson street and put a scaled reproduction of the top half of the old tower (from tower ball room) here as a attraction, which would be viewable from the sea when entering the Mersey.

Have an open air area for farmers market, international trade fairs, vehicle exhibitions, events and shows. Finally if you what to build, create an indoor market for arts crafts and dining, theme it around Victorian design and allow locals to have first option to rent the space. Keep out the big supermarkets and the low waged jobs, but develop opportunities for locals to start their own business and employ local people. Anthony Rice NRAC

Beauty contest - New Brighton Pool - 1980's

© Copyright - Reproduced by kind permission of

A beauty contest at New Brighton Pool in the 1980's - Fifteen thousand people were reported to have watched the first Miss New Brighton Final in 1949. This Annual contest ran till 1989 - You can find out more at THE RISE AND DECLINE OF SEASIDE BEAUTY CONTESTS

Wowww...... That's my aunt in the centre right there.. how amazing to see her on the NB web page Fantastic!!

Please can any one help I'm trying to trace the lady who won the Miss Neptune 1949. My mum said she may have photos of her. My mum came second in the commodore in Liverpool 20 mums name Alice Seddon most grateful.

Ah what a brilliant place New Brighton was as a kid, and a teenager. I lived in Seacombe but would often walk through Liscard to get to New Brighton. Later I lived at the bottom of Egerton street, sadly the Tivoli had gone by then and the New Brighton baths followed soon after. Places that I remember with affection...that amusement arcade in Victoria St, half way up on the right; the Golden Guinea; the Chelsea Reach nightclub where I worked for a while during the late 70s,the golden era of Disco! The Grand nightclub along by the Travellers Rest-what was that nightclub called underneath the Grand? I can just about recall the Zoo on Tower grounds, the steam train that looped along by Vale park and came back, the funfair...Golden memories. Anon
great site.i lived in marion st. birkenhead in the 40s-50s i used to walk to new brighton often on a sunday with my grandad. i remember the train on the fairground that used to stop in a tunnel with a model of the fairground in it.also i remember going down the big slide in the baths and couldn't get off the bottom and a lady pulled me up , i've never swam since. i go to new brighton most weeks and its still a treat . paul hill.
my names neil robson and i lived in windsor street. I used to work for wilf griffiths next to the baths on the pier and down harrison drive. I also worked in the bowling alley [fairlanes] giving out the shoes. Was doing a paper round in egerton street when the tower was on fire, [sad day], hopefully some decent thing can be brought back to make new brighton great again.


New Brighton Swimming Pool Postcard

When it was sparkling and new

I was born in Egerton Street New Brighton in 1953 and went to Vaughan Road school and then to Manor Road. My claim to fame is that I was the snotty kid of five pulling the paddle boats in on the small lake on the beach John Gilmore
I lived in New Brighton, in the 60's and enjoyed every minute. Does anyone remember the 'Creep Inn' run by Vera and her husband.. The 'Late Extra' with Ted Geary and John Brindle.. The 'infamous' Peter Catchpole's 'Pink Elephant'? The Tower ballroom was the finest, in those heady days. I remember the Beatles (with Pete Best) as a warm up band for Jerry Lee Lewis.. wow what a great time we all had. I haven't been back for many years, as the last visit was so disappointing. Why on earth doesn't the Council do something positive about the 'uniqueness' of New Brighton? I will never understand why it has been left to die. Great memories of a once great town.   Anon
I live in Molyneux Drive New Brighton and wouldn't want to live any place else :)  Anon

I now own and am presently restoring the waltzer that was inside the Palace at New Brighton from 1950-1995 I would love to hear from anyone who may have photos of the waltzer during this period in particular photos taken between 1950- 1965. Many thanks david @

My Mum came from Seacombe, but her two brothers both lived in New B. Both were part of the New B RNLI crew. One of my uncles had the deck chair concession and in the 60s, I used to go down there during my school holidays and work on the deck chairs in one of his shops - him and my aunt had a couple in Viccy Rd and a few at the Palace. I learned to swim in Tommy's lake next to the Pier - I fell in when my cousin threw me off one of the paddle boats! I have lots of very happy memories of my teenage years in new B. Anon
Great site. I enjoyed it especially the photos. It brought back many memories. I was born in Poulton Wallasey in the early 40s, leaving in 1958 to live in Adelaide South Australia. As children we would walk along the beaches from Seacombe to New Brighton. We enjoyed the fair ground and the open air swimming pool. In the early 50s they drained the pool and all the local schools displayed their folk dancing skills and finished with a Union Jack formation. Does anyone remember? I went to Poulton Primary and then Wallasey Tech. I visited Wallasey and New Brighton with my husband, who is Australian, 4 years ago after 44 years. I loved seeing the area again but was sorry to see how run down it had become. I tried to fill him in on what it used to be like. I was warned by relatives that it wasn't the same place. A face lift would be wonderful for New Brighton. Anon
I'm now 35 an spent most of my school holidays in trouble, at the fair, i went there in my earlier days too, with my nan an grandad, they would tell us about the memories they had of the place, an the fun they had, i now have stories i tell my own children, i would love for them to be able to do the same with their own children, it is right on our door step, an we should be able to go at every weekend an carry on makin those memories.. bring back the baths an donkey rides. make it as fun as it was in the 40's, right up until the 80's lets not miss decades, get it all back, an all good for our children to make there memories. don't let it fade away..... Anon


As we are about to start phase 1 of the Neptune plans with the brilliantly designed new Floral Pavilion Theatre & conference centre (same size as Southport's), here we go again with the usual whining from the opposition to any sort of progress.. This is the last throw of a desperate opposition, who despite the Council listening time and time again and now saving the Marine Lake, which after all is the main reason the opposition group came into being, they will still not compromise and are willing to throw away millions of pounds destined for New Brighton, with no viable alternative in sight!

It is also interesting what the opposition to any plans don't say, for instance that we are going to have a brand new Theatre, 1,100 seater cinema, revamped Marine Lake, outdoor swimming pool, café, bars and restaurants and a new sea defences. But its not just about these plans, but rather the changed economic landscape that it will bring, with leisure & tourism investors at long last sitting up and taking notice of New Brighton and ready to invest, already there is a new pier already being talked about and a feasibility study taking place.

We are also started the £1m Pride in our Promenade initiative between Seacombe and New Brighton, which will transform that part of the promenade also compliment the Neptune plans As for a shopper’s paradise, New Brighton used to have shops in abundance, Woolworth’s, Lo/Cost supermarket, Maypole etc, not to mention the Ham and Egg parade (full of shops) on the promenade So lets get real, this is the only show in town, many members of the former opposition are now on board, it will revitalise New Brighton & the Wirral and bring many more opportunities to its door and as someone who has lived in New Brighton for 40 odd years I say bring it on! - Former Councillor Pat Hackett New Brighton Ward Wirral Borough Council Former Cabinet Member Regeneration & Planning

Pat, make sure that when any proposal is made for a new pier somebody that understands Long Shore currents review any plans, failure to do so will just take the sand of the beach again John G
As we said before we are not against progress, just against turning the magnificent seafront at New Brighton into yet another tacky retail development, that is not progress, that's just awful.

Bringing back the outdoor swimming pool is fabulous, keeping the marine lake is great and the possibility of a new pier is even more mind blowing. The same for the Floral Pavilion. The walk from New Brighton to Seacombe is one of the best walks on the River Mersey, if you make that even better you should be congratulated. Now that is keeping New Brighton special and unique and that would not have happened without the whiners and opposition making you guys rethink your first crazy plan. A petrol station as a main attraction, for goodness sake ?

When the Neptune development is finished we will come back and take some photos and then let the people decide whether it is a disaster or real progress and honestly we really wish it to be a success :-)  Y2U

New Brighton Foreshore


New Brighton Foreshore with Perch Rock and the Lighthouse.

I remember New Brighton Baths so vividly, twas the highlight of a great day out and yes always seemed NB was sunny in the summer, it took me ages at age 9 to find courage to jump off the top board, much to my mums horror as she watched, such great days, such great memories.

I believe the underground tunnels that smugglers used still exist, as a child and pupil of Edgerton Grove Primary back in the late 60,s early 70,s we were taken by the school for a daytrip to Portland Road and in the back garden there was a trap door which led down to these tunnels, you could only go so far as the walls of the tunnel narrowed (they must have been scrawny little men to fit through those). Another good place for tunnels which probably still exist under the old Mother Redcaps building was another good explorative site.

Vale Park now there's another good memory (Joytime) which I may add I came 2nd one year aged about 5 singing I can sing a rainbow around about 1967-68 and the Tower Grounds as we called them still existed...

Life in NB was bustling through the summer months right up to the mid 80's even the club scene was great...To the person that mentioned the Empress and Rabbi.. I knew him quite well along with Podge.. Rivit.. Ogle.. Moldoon Jan Newman and even Pete the DJ. One of the best live acts in them days was 'Body'.

They should never have demolished NB baths am damn sure if the residents of Wirral were asked if they would have submitted £2 extra on the council tax on one months monthly payment they would have done gladly...

I don't live in Wallasey anymore but visit my parents regular, and it always saddens me to see how NB has gone into decline, I couldn't believe seeing the Old Grand Hotel derelict, the Tartan Steak house no longer exists (I worked there for a short period) and Viccy Road is unrecognisable :( whoever it was in those council offices that decided to kill NB should be ashamed of themselves and to build a supermarket on the seafront is absolutely absurd and would be deemed derogatory to the area. Anon

Does anyone remember the Empress Club at the bottom of Victoria Road? I played in a group there in the latter half of the sixties and one night, whilst loading the equipment into the van outside the club, we noticed they were making a film down by the Golden Nugget Arcade. We were asked to be extras in this film but I never found out what it was called. Can anyone help? Anon

I loved this site cos it brought back so many mems of goingto Empress on Fridays I was still at school but loved all the music and doing the stomp! I was a bit nervous of the bikers like Marty who smoked and wouldnt let us near their tables. Anon
LOVED EMPRESS! Took me back to 70s when I was 16 stomp and greasers-even the girls were tough. Married since 1979 to Mike Norton 750 owner + his mate and best man Graham had Triumph.N0 JapCrap for us! Sue
Friday Nights At The Empress Club on Facebook
does anyone remember what the name of the merseybeat band that played at the empress on victoria every weekend Anon
I remember the Empress quite well too, I remember Rabbi, pegleg, Nick Regan, Roy Stobbart (stobby) Macca, ogle, muldoon, Rivit, Dave Abbott, Karen Smith who married Dave Abbott. Pete Dodd the DJ from the Empress. Yea they were the good ole days for sure, hi guys hope you are all doing well. I moved to Canada about 18 years ago, but still remember the Friday nights at the Empress. Sue
I remember the Empress Club in the early 70s. Used to go on a Saturday night Great times!!! Anon

The film being made in Victoria Rd in the 80's was "Let him have it" about the notorious Craig and Bentley case. Anon

I used to go to the Empress Club every Friday night from the early 70's through to the early 80's. I remember guys such as Rabbi, Pegleg Davis & Riggy. Does anyone else remember anyone else from that time?

I remember the Empress Club in the early to mid sixties. They had a great band there called The Emperors - in fact for my sins I sang with them for a couple of months. Happy Days. I also seem to recall that the majority of members worked on the buses. - Mike

My family are from Wallasey and I spent many a happy summer in New Brighton. Apparently my Grandfather was the pier master at some point. Having spent the majority of my life in the south of England my time in the area is an opportunity to find out about family history Anon
I'm still looking for old photographs of Poole Road and Marsden Road in the 1970s. Please email jackoley @ Thanks very much!. Anon
I was born in 1939 in Egremont, in Greenwood lane, there was a bloke lived at the continuation which was Green Lane, he had a large boat, in the summer he would get all us kids to help him down to madock slip to launch it where he kept it all summer giving paid rides, our treat for all that work was a free trip in it. Would the kids to-day do it ? Dave [now West Kirby]
hi again all u new brighton lovers its me again griff the old fair lad although i love new brighton my self i also have a dark side i now work for the demolition firm that knocked down some of the fine buildings of new brighton like the grand hotel the bowling ally the Victoria hotel but to name a few they were all fine buildings and it saddened me a lot
aah.....what a lovely read. It brought a tear to my eye. I can remember New Brighton as a child born and bred in Liverpool. I have some happy memories in our equivalent to Blackpool. I am now 48 and bore the pants off my kids telling them how great it was. Anon
I have visited New Brighton a couple of times and I think it could be an up and coming town. I know i have no memories of times gone by but when you talk to local people all you hear of how it used to be. No excitement for the future. Anon
I remember when the football results on Saturday included "New Brighton", and catching a yellow number 10 bus to NB from New Ferry. Am I giving my age away. Anon

can anyone remember the box of white sweets you could get in Victoria Street made while you wait, they had a stretcher machine in the window ? I'm 70 now, don't remember what they were called. dave west kirby

Some one was asking about the candy machine in victoria road I think the candy was called "yula" It came in a little cardboard box and tasted delicious. l.m.
It's a shame that successive councils have let this town go to rack and ruin over the past thirty years. Sure, all seaside resorts have been in decline, but there can't many that have been allowed to deteriorate to the extent New Brighton has. Let's hope these new plans are real and not only "pie in the sky" and bring some pride back to the town again. Anon

I really enjoyed reading comments and information from this site. My nan and grandad jack and josie cook owned the grand in the 1970s would be interested if any one remembers them or has any stories from that time ......vicci

I do so remember the New Brighton Tower fair, those little motor boats, the helter skelter, that wonderful miniature railway ride and the stop it made in the tunnel were you could see the model village and fair ground with spinning merry go rounds etc, but more over the memories of the chair lift to the top of the tower building, it was a windy day I found myself sneaking onto one of the cars and off I went, barely being able to look over the side of the car, it was only some few yards from the top when the ride closed because of the winds, there I was swaying in the wind marooned, it was only the loss of my can of coke to many feet below that somebody new I was there, I hasten to say the can did miss him. Happy days. Anon

Great Memories of New Brighton Malcolm B

does anyone have information or press clipping from when the miniature railway came off the lines. I have the scars to prove it happened JR

My parents met at the Tower Ballroom during the war. They both said it was the place to go and it had a smashing dance floor. My father was based at RAF West Kirby for a while whilst my mother was a Moreton girl. She joined the WAAF as a teleprinter operator and was later sent to Harrogate whilst my father was posted to South Africa. When I was a child we always spent our hols on the Wirral and I thought New Brighton was Brill! My sister remembers going to see The Beatles at The Tower and said they weren't very good then but they obviously improved. Anon

Great site! Does anyone remember the Rialto cafe in Victoria Road in the 1930's/40's? I am researching my family history and I believe that my grandfather was the manager there. Anon

I'm living in Liverpool at the mo, and went to New Brighton the other week for the first time. I really liked it - looks a bit scruffy round the edges but with bags of potential. Wanting to buy my first home in the south end of Liverpool is virtually impossible, and seeing what New Brighton and Wallasey offer at a fraction of the price really tempts me into leaving the city and giving the area a go. Anon
Anthony Rice that would be Brilliant, Now put that in the Wallasey News. The Neptune Plan has been rejected so we want your plans instead. Judith
I used to work in the fairground for a number of years where i met loads of women and had plenty of fun, wish i could go back Anon
Very nicely laid out Anon
I left Maris Stella Convent at the out break of WWII and the family moved away due to the bombing. I had a wonderful education at the convent though am not of the faith and a wonderful childhood with New Brighton always there for every outdoor activity.  My sister and I loved the new swimming pool, it was crowded on a hot day, I believe it received a direct 'hit' in the War. I re-visited N B when the festival of flowers took place in Lpool.  It had greatly changed and my convent gone. V Happy memories. Pat

I am interested in knowing more about the Maris Stella convent as i believe my grandmother Margaret Stewart went here in approx 1935. thankyou

There used to be a chair lift to the top of Tower Ballroom. I can remember being stuck on if half way up. Anon
Love New Brighton many years ago my Nan had a guest house in Virginia Road. The stories she told me of the busy days where fantastic. Great site lets hope New Brighton makes its long awaited comeback Stuart
The Kraal Club John Stanley Memories please. Anon
Great memories of New Brighton, but my favourites relate to the Golden Guinea. John Stanley was the ubiquitous host, Rocky on the door, Barry as the manager with Jan overseeing the bars. I realised I had finally arrived on the scene when instead of being thrown out at 2am, I was ushered to the upstairs cocktail bar for drinks and a card school until the wee small hours. Cars were won and lost, the entire content of the "top shelf" sampled and demolished. Pure class Anon

What lovely memories I have read today, I thought i was the only person pining for the New Brighton of old, I used to come over to New Brighton every weekend with my brother and remember so well the way it was in the early sixties, Rory Storm and the Quarrymen, who became the Beatles. Later I came to live in New Brighton and I have never left. Everything has gone now, the fair, the Tower Ballroom, the open air pool and the atmosphere. All we have are the lovely memories. I too go for walks and survey where everything was and now has gone and I weep a little too. I know John Stanley who owned the Kraal Club which I was often at, then it changed its name to the Golden Guinea, which is now no longer owned by John Stanley and is a club now named R.J,s. Many a happy night I spent there, time goes so fast and the wind of change in New Brighton has changed a few times even in my life time. I live close to the prom now and I have travelled many times all over the world, nothing compares to New Brighton, no where. DAISY DIP

Was interested in the one (small) comment about the Kraal Club - I used to love going there on Sundays with my friend Diane. Our favourite band was the Cordes. Anon
I grew in New Brighton in the fifties it was always packed in the summer boat loads of people would arrive sit on the beach go to the fairgrounds etc they were full of happy people enjoying the air and all that New Brighton offered. Melody Inn was always good. I think we were happier in those days. I feel sure New Brighton has a lot more to offer and hope the planning people will not make big mistakes in their decisions on its future. good luck Anon

Creative Commons License Attributed to Felicity and Phillip

New Brighton promenade in snow Merseyside 1963

Liked the picture of New Brighton in the snow 1963, I was in Manor Road School then and went on cross country runs in that snow, the teacher never came with us though I think it was a bit cold for him. I left Manor Road school in 1964 none the worse for it, the school is though it's not there anymore Dave H

I have been told that the River Mersey froze over in 1963....does anyone know if this is true and if so are there any photos? Ness, Eastham, Wirral

There certainly were ice flows in the Mersey during the 1962/63 winter. I worked on the Wirral on the rooves, stationed at Seacombe and had to travel over by ferry. Loved it when the slabs of ice were hitting the boat as we crossed from Liverpool. I was 15yrs of age at the time. Anon

"Did Mersey freeze in 1963"  I don't know if it froze over, but my brother went to school in Liverpool by ferry and I can remember him saying that he had seen ice floes on the Mersey. - Eric

In answer to Eric, no, the Mersey didn't freeze over in 1963, but ice did form along the Egremont shore and some slabs broke off and went down the river on the tide. Phillip

In answer to Ness and Eric, the Mersey didn't freeze over in 1963 because the very large rise and fall of the tide prevented the formation of stable ice. But the River Dee froze over at Chester. My parents took me by car to Chester for some ice skating on the river! I was 8 years old. Tony, formerly of Aigburth.

Yes the Mersey did freeze, and I have a copy of an old photo to prove it, don't know what year, but the boat on it looks pretty old. Anon

Oh what wonderful memories, I am 62 now and still remember my wonderful times at the Pier Head and New Brighton, I went back to the Pier Head about 2 months ago the first time in 25 years, wow it all came flooding back and so did the tears. I just wish I was young again. I still keep in touch with my boyfriend of those days, we went out for 5 years, then I emigrated to South Africa, but when I came back I found him again. We do reminisce about the wonderful Pier Head and other places. Anon

My memories of New Brighton go back to the late 1930's just before the war.  The development of New Brighton was changed for ever when the "new" prom was built.  It altered the currents in the river and all the lovely sand washed away to Bootle, or somewhere.  For decades the shore was a desolate, uninviting place until the researchers at Liverpool University did their work and caused the river to bring the sand back home.  But by then it was too late.  The blight had taken hold and despite many well-intentioned efforts it has not been significantly dealt with.  For almost as long as I can remember there has been discussion of grand new plans for New Brighton. Some alterations and improvements have been made but, let's face it, the future does not look bright.  The bottom line is: who takes sea-side holidays any more?  They sound as antiquated as the donkeys we used to ride! Anon


Although everyone seems to be taking holidays elsewhere there is still hope for New Brighton. Local resorts will start to prosper once again with careful planning and a keenness for tradition. The type of place that's not far away and one can take the whole family without spending a small fortune. After all the beach and all that fresh air is free and the children can rush about to their heart's content. Don't give up on New Brighton just yet :-) Icarus at Y2U

I remember when I used to live in New Brighton, the happy memories, I am 13 now and living in St Helens. Alex

After searching your website of the Wirral and when looking up the history of Wallasey I noticed that you say the word Wallasey originated from the Germanic walha meaning stranger or foreigner, I was always told by my mother that it meant wall of sea then it changed to Wallasey which would sound more feasible as Wallasey is on the edge of the Irish sea. Anon


Wrong Website but still interesting to know :-) Icarus at Y2U

I understood that Wallasey means Island of the Welsh or Wales. Anon

Creative Commons Attributed to PhillipC

New Brighton fairground - 1962

Notice the young couple middle left, him with his teddy boy hair cut and she with head scarf ?

I have lived in New Brighton all my life  and was a teens & Twenties in the late 50's 60's. When we had the Tower, and the pier. Vicky road with it's café's, amusements, lots of shops, two picture houses. On the prom we had a theatre, Wednesday night was tower Ballroom night for my best friend and myself. Not a late one, had work in the morning. We saw many pop groups on that Tower stage, many went on to be famous. Saturday was, rush home from work in Liverpool, wash my hair gobble my tea down, much to the disapproval of mother. Meet up with friend, coffee at lills, where i sometimes ended up behind the counter while she popped out. Anything for a free coffee, and a chat we tried to above the noise of the duke box. Then down to the pier for a Larger and see what the male population was up to. Finally on to the tower where we danced the night away and went home in bare feet cos our shoes had shrunk for some reason. Happy days Anon

It's been lovely reading about memories of New Brighton.  I was born in Birkenhead, living in Upton Village (the old army camp!) and then on the Woodchurch Estate.  We used to go to Moreton Shore or if we felt a bit more adventurous we'd take off to New Brighton on a Sunday or a bank holiday.  We always sat on the sand quite near the lighthouse and it used to give me shivers when I saw the tide line on the lighthouse and realized how far the water came in!!


I have a picture on my desk here of my mum and dad and me taken about 1954 - the tide is out and in the far distance there are three tankers making their way somewhere.    My brother and sister both went to dances at the Tower.    I emigrated to Canada in 1974 but came back most years when my parents were alive and we always had a day out at New Brighton.  Next year my daughter and I plan to have a day out when we come "home" for a holiday Love to all! Anon

Me and my girlfriend enjoyed reading all your memories.  We think that New Brighton should be restored back to how it originally was in 18920BC complete with dinosaurs and volcanoes.

Just kidding.  We would like to see some improvements that we can all agree on.  We think it's a shame that people just seem to want to talk about how great it was but refuse to allow any change.  It could be such a great place if it was done up.  At least put something where the baths used to be and all those derelict buildings. - Vicky and Alex

Hello, I  enjoyed reading about New Brighton it holds a lot of good memories for me also...The baths. dancing on the pier,  Fish n' chips the rowing boats etc. could go on and on .I was Born in Birkenhead, went to Woodchurch school Hubby was from Moreton. we emigrated to Canada in 1952  I have told my grandchildren many times about New Brighton :) Anon

Photo removed by request

I came 2nd in a talent competition in the pavilion in 1987 great people nice place but i'll never forgive billy butler he voted against me  ah ah Anon

I have recently moved back to New Brighton and its great to read through this page and see that so many people appreciate and have the same feelings for it as I do, including a wide range of ages spanning over decades of different experiences, and all of great sincerity and feeling. I wish that I could have seen at least half of what was going on in the 60's and hope that what regeneration is carried out is done for the good of New Brighton and not for other corporate vultures that seem to be circling in the vicinity of Liverpool which is widely becoming known as the capital of vulture. May the stories continue to flow from New Brighton for many years to come, before global warming ebbs away at us. Anon

Re New Brighton - I lived here from 1965  until 1980 and relatives have been here since year dot. It has always been "tatty" and no one has ever had a plan to improve it that was implemented. Lets move on - keep what's good and develop some attractions for locals not just nightclubs  and above all make a decision. I remember the same discussion about the Tower site when the Tower was eventually torched and demolished. Identify key sites to keep e.g. The Hotel "Vic" hotel as a conference centre, the Floral pavilion and Fort Perch Rock and the bowling greens - bring back decent swimming pool having lost New Brighton and the Derby  and make it easy to get to e.g. bring in a cheaper more efficient ferry - it could land on the beach that would make an interesting day out. It has great potential but no driver to champion it - all councils in my day were out for themselves. It needs someone to have a vision for it and a plan. Anon

I  emigrated to Australia in 1978.My maiden name is Helene Crevier from Tollemache St where my mother still lives. My great great grandmother was born in the Fort Perch Rock. I have just discovered this web site as I am coming for a visit in September and thought I would just type in " New Brighton "and was totally gob smacked what a great site I just wondered if there's anyone out there that remembers me I also used to work at the Wimpy Bar then the Post Office in Victoria Rd then The Flying Dutchman till I came over here I would be grateful to hear from anyone Regards Helene Fenton

I live in New Brighton, yes i am only 17 years old but have lived there most of my life, i also have a a place in Sierre (Switzerland) but more to the point, I agree with anon, the prom area is a bit scruffy but that what makes it what it is, if we were a nice loving place we would have all sorts of people invading are privacy and I therefore am glad new B's is how it is, an yeh I am a 'stereo typical' scallie, but yes i am glad New Brighton is the way it is, but if they build that supermarket were the marine lake currently stands i will be really annoyed about it :) Anon

These are not advertised enough and if you do them maybe they we will get more chance of being seen!!!! Anon

Does anybody have any information about the concert that was held at New Brighton open air pool in the 80s , called New Brighton Rock , featuring Frankie goes to Hollywood, the weather girls, nick Kirshaw etc ? Anon

yeh remember the concerts at new brighton pool, went to see spandau ballet. weather girls eddy grant, nik kershaw, fab night cos i lived in windsor street i could hear the music all week. remember i had to buy a ticket off someone [cheek]  cos they were free Anon

I remember the concert that was held at the baths. I got tickets to the night when Nik Kershaw was on, it was also shown on the television, I am hoping it will be shown again. v

Loved reading all this. was searching for info about the open air concert and ended up here. There is a question above re the concert. Eddy Grant and Spandau Ballet were there too I recall. I went with my freinds - was a really good night out - loads of atmosphere. If I find any more I will post it here. Anon

New Brighton Rock In May 1984 Granada Television staged a £100,000 Pop Spectacular under the title of "New Brighton Rock" with leading groups taking part. It was attended by large crowds and screened on ITV on Saturday 23rd June 1984 at 10.30 pm.  Anon

Re New Brighton Rock - found this in the Granada archive. Rock concert recorded at New Brighton Bathing Pool. With Eddie Grant, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Gloria Gaynor, Helen Terry, Madness, Nick Lowe, Nik Kershaw, Spandau Ballet, The Flying Pickets, the Weather Girls. Had forgotton Madness were there, and the Flying Pickets. Richard (now in Horsham but brought up on the Wirral) Anon

Hi, I used to love playing in the grounds of the Mariners' home in the late 70s/early 80s, sliding down the greenhill on cardboard - that was great.  I remember a tree in a low, circular stone-wall structure on the promenade opposite the little road at the Northern end of the grounds of the Mariners' home.  One hot, summer day, I parked my Chopper bike under it, and the side stand sank into the tarmac around this  little stone wall, because it was so hot that day.  Perhaps it was '76...  It's nice seeing photographs and reading stories of Wallasey.  I moved away about 20 years ago but I go back to visit Mum.  I would love to see some old photographs of Poole Road and Marsden Road, the Unit 4 and that area, from the 70s and 80s.  If anyone has any, I'd be very grateful for a scan, and I am willing to pay for originals or good copies. Please Email Thanks very much. Jack, Devon.

PhillipC - Creative Commons

New Brighton promenade, Merseyside 1962 - When there was a high spring tide we used to dare the waves - Please do not try this as it is very dangerous - folly of youth

As a kid I used to love the Tower fairground. It was magic to arrive by boat and start off on the lower level with its miniature railway, complete with waterwheel and tunnel. There was the (not so) big dipper and the wonderful "steam yachts", giant swing boats that felt like they were going to go over the top. Tame stuff by today's standards, I suppose. Upstairs there was the boating lake with little wooden motorboats with two-stroke engines. I can still remember the smell of the oil as they spluttered about. Anon

There was a tree with a circular stone-wall structure on the prom ... and it was 1976 that we had the heat wave. The Mariners' home has changed quite a bit over the year, but it basically still there. I remember Poole Road and Marsden Road as being always a dark place, probably because of the poor lighting and the houses being higher than they were wide if you get my meaning, anyway a rather dark miserable place. I attended the New Brighton Rock concert, Madness & Gloria Gaynor being amongst many other visiting artist, it was good and at the time there was word that it would be repeated but it never was on such a level. Anon

Sunset at New Brighton


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