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MG Midget - Montlhery

The MG Midget - C-Type Montlhery. This car is a gem. Another car seen at a local show. Polished and running sweet despite the fact that it was made in 1931. Its good for driving long distances and track racing, especially hill racing. There where only 44 made. It has a 750cc engine with an overhead camshaft, it had a supercharger but was taken out for some reason and has four gears. Suitable for boy racers of all ages !

MG Midget - Montlhery



MG Midget - MontlheryMG Midget - Montlhery


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MG Midget - Montlhery


The MG C originally cost 295 or for 50 extra one got the supercharged version

MG Midget - Montlhery

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