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Constant as the Northern Star


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Loughborough plus Carillon Tower 2016

Loughborough Carillon Tower & War Memorial

"Loughborough Carillon Tower & War Memorial was built after WW1 to commemorate the men of the town who gave their lives. Unique in Britain, it is the only purpose built carillon tower. Set within the beautiful Queen's Park the tower is also home to a museum, 3 rooms packed with military memorabilia. Including one room dedicated to the Leicestershire Yeomanry. Climb the 138 steps, past the 47 bells and you are out onto the balcony with fantastic views across Loughborough"

What is a Carillon Tower ?

"A carillon is a musical instrument that is typically housed in the bell tower (belfry) of a church or municipal building. The instrument consists of at least 23 cast bronze, cup-shaped bells, which are played serially to produce a melody, or sounded together to play a chord. A traditional manual carillon is played by striking a keyboard - the stick-like keys of which are called batons - with the fists, and by pressing the keys of a pedal keyboard with the feet." 

Top of the Carillon Tower in Loughborough

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