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Constant as the Northern Star


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Irish Festival - 14th March 2004 - Manchester

Every year the Irish community hold a festival in Manchester around St Patrick's Day. It is said to be growing with each year and is the biggest in the UK. Today was the day of the parade. Unfortunately it was raining and the sun came out just as the parade finished, Murphy's law in full swing. But there was merriment, fun, lots of jigs and reels and a well deserved pint of Guinness later.

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Debs - 23 March 2004 - "Message from the Woman in the Kilkenny Cat T-shirt. Thanks."

"This Commer lorry is a 1964 TS3 3 cylinder two stroke diesel. It is used mainly for road runs, the longest run was to Stornaway on the Isle of Lewis, (yes the Callanish Stones are not far away)


The Reluctant Jester - 18 March 2004 - "Thanks for posting the Pics, We were stood at the side of the Town hall, The "Heavens" opened !!!! St Pats Parade, Even thou the whole lot went passed us, I think we were to Wet to notice !!"

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