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Hummer 4x4

Have a look at theses, apparently they only do 8 mpg, must cost a fortune to run, and not very good for the planet, but another WOW!!. Your opinions sought.

Hummer H3 on Dakar Rally 2006

Robby Gordon riding a Hummer H3 on Dakar 2006


Video >>>The Hummer<<< Video


American flag Hummer

American flag Hummer


Hummer River Crossing

Hummer River Crossing SUV


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Hummer on the City Streets

Hummer SUV H2 on the City Streets



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don't they rust ?
dis is fine kirst
that is not that bad for a beginner
I like Hummers because it is my best car with Range Rover. I have 1 Hummer and 1 Range Rover. The Hummer is black and the Range Rover is black.
Its very cool
Awesome car dude!
i love hummers and range rovers my mum has a land rover but i wood love to own a hummer it wood be a dream


More Hummers

Hummer H1

Hummer Stretched Limo


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