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Constant as the Northern Star


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HMS Warrior - Portsmouth

HMS Warrior (1860) (also known as Vernon III and Oil Fuel Hulk C77) was the world's first ocean-going iron-hulled armoured battleship. She was built for the Royal Navy as a counter to the first ironclad warship, the French battleship Gloire (launched 1859). When she was launched, the 4.5-inch thick wrought iron armoured belt meant that she was impervious to all naval cannon in service at that time, and she was easily the most powerful warship in the world. The only significant vulnerability was the lack of armour around the rudder.

HMS Warrior - Portsmouth

She was propelled by both sails and steam - her coal capacity of 853 tons was insufficient alone for extended cruising. The screw could be winched up clear of the water to reduce drag, although in practice the screw was run at low speed when cruising, this having the same drag-reducing effect.


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HMS Warrior - View of SternHMS Warrior - View of Bow

HMS Warrior Gundeck

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HMS Warrior - Starboard ViewHMS Warrior - View of the Stern

Comment "is there any info about how they could remove the giant screw from inside the ship ...."

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HMS Warrior - FigureheadHMS Warrior - Detailed Carving

HMS Warrior - Large CannonHMS Warrior - Tarred RopeHMS Warrior - Small Cannon

HMS Warrior - FunnelsHMS Warrior - Rope thingy ?

HMS Warrior - Block and TackleHMS Warrior - Masting

HMS Warrior - Engine Order TelegraphHMS Warrior - Ships Wheels

HMS Warrior - ArmouryHMS Warrior - Internal Bulkhead

HMS Warrior - Anchor ChainHMS Warrior - Internal Cannon

HMS Warrior - FurnaceHMS Warrior - Officer's Quarter

HMS Warrior - Sailor's QuartersHMS Warrior - Sailors Mess

HMS Warrior - Officer's Dining RoomHMS Warrior - Captain's Table


is there any info about how they could remove the giant screw from inside the ship and does my memory serve me wrong that there is a spare screw. ?
wonderful ship. and fine pictures, congratulations paulo salles. são paulo, brazil

No pictures of the engine!

Engine Room of HMS Warrior


This is the best photo of the engine room we could find, it must be rather cramped in there.

I have just visited HMS Warrior and the Historical dockyards , it took 2 days to look around , a fantastic experience . Dave Harman

Good site to see as my great uncle served on H M S Warrior from9th Sept 1878 to 30th April 1879. John Wood

what is pic 12a of?

HMS Warrior - Internal Bulkhead

There was a black mysterious hole down below decks, I pointed the camera inside it, the flash went off and it shows what might be an internal bulkhead.


Great site and pictures - Robert (Liverpool)

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