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Powabyke Electric Bike

With Videos

These are photos of my Powabyke electric Bike, which I have had for nearly 4 years. It has travelled over 4000 miles with no significant problems except the normal one of punctures.

Powerbyke Electric Bike

It is very environmentally friendly. Powered by a lead acid battery, it takes 8 hours to fully charge up, which uses up about 10-20 pence of electric power at the most. Travel's 25miles on assisted pedalling and 15miles on full power (no pedalling). Great for getting up steep hills, (with some pedalling). Maximum speed 15mph, though has got up to 22MPH going down hill with wind behind, quite scary.

Powerbyke Electric Bike Shopper


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Above is the shopper version of the Powabyke which I think has a slightly different specification

If you have any further questions about this bike please do not hesitate to fill in comments box below and ask away.


If you own an electric bike whether this one or another one please tell everyone of your experiences.

Electric bike Conversion Kit

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Go Electric: Bike Commuting Made Easy

Lots of tips on using an Electric Bicycle


Tip : Get yourself a bike trailer.


For a while now I have be using a trailer on my bike to do my shopping and local errands. There are few points to remember.


1. Make sure you get it right on how to attach the trailer to the bike frame. When I first got mine the main problem was getting it to stay on, but it can be overcome.


2. Practice riding up and down on an empty road, turning corners, turning around, going over bumping ground, do not mount a roadside curb at an angle because it will tip over, ouch !


3, Check tyre pressures as pulling a trailer on low pressure tyres is harder work for the bike and for you, phew !


4. Find out the load capacity of the trailer before buying and make sure you don't overload it, it will wobble, be unsafe and likely detach itself !


5. Have a lock for your bike and another one for the trailer when you leave it unattended in public.


6. I only carry goods on my trailer, I personally don't think it is yet safe enough to carry young children in them.


A bike trailer, once you get the hang of it is a really useful transport tool.


You can see some bike trailers at Amazon.co.uk to get an an idea of what they look like and their cost.

Feedback welcome

Tip : How to work out a travel route when using your electric bike and not run out of battery power.

As I use my electric bike for working nearly everyday I need to make sure that I don't run out of battery power and have to hard pedal back home.

This I do by working out my route using Google maps. On Google maps you can get directions to a destination and back again quite easily.

If you open Google Maps click on Get Directions and enter your start address, add destination(s) and finally your start address again.

Choose By Car or Walking options, walking is usually the best as it avoids most major roads but might be different in the countryside.

It will then work out a round trip for you. Maybe the route is not exactly to your liking but you can adjust that as you wish.

The journey time will not be relevant because it is not for using a bike but for walking and car journeys only. If you make the journey you will soon get an idea of travel times and in heavily built up suburbia it just might be quicker than a car, no promises though.

It will also tell you how many miles or kilometres you will approximately travel. You can change miles to kilometres and back again under Show Options.

Being a cautious type I like to keep my round trips under 15 miles and have found these maps to be very useful.

and finally if you use your electric bike for a daily commute and work out your route properly you can travel up to the 15 miles in one direction, charge your battery up at work and then travel a further 15 miles back again, that's if you don't forget to take your charger with you :-)

Feedback welcome

Tip : Get yourself a cycle computer.

Cateye Strada Wireless Cycle Computer

When travelling about on your electric bike it is very useful to know how far you've travelled and and potentially how far you have left to go considering the range of your battery.

Similar to a speedometer on a car, a cycle computer can also work out how fast you are going, your average speed, total time taken and a few over interesting bits of information. For instance, the computer on my bike has tallied my overall mileage and shows over 4000 miles.

If you are practical they are usually easy to fit and install.

A cycle computer is definitely useful to avoid running out of battery power by working out your mileage.

See some cycle computers available from Bike Shop on Amazon.co.uk

Feedback welcome

Tip : Check your brakes.


One should check the brakes regularly on a ordinary bike, that goes without saying, but on an electric bike, this is even more important. As an electric bike is heavier, because of the battery, it generally takes a little bit longer to stop the bike and wears out the brakes that much quicker.

Feedback welcome

Brompton Electric Nano Folding Bike



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very helpful thank you ,i have just bought a powa trike, and am trying to find if i can up rate it a little, any ideas.

What price for the 'Shopper' version please?

(as of July 2009 550 or you may find them cheaper on Ebay. If buying 2nd hand please ask the seller the state of the battery as it may have been laying idle for a long time and not fully charge correctly)


need a new battery not been used for a year can you help, maynard

(reply : if you know your local PowerByke dealer you can contact them and they should be able to replace the batteries for you. I had this done last year. If you do not use the bike for any period you need to recharge as said below. All lead batteries loose their charge over time if not regularly topped up and sort of seize up, nothing to do with the quality of the battery itself)

How long do the batteries last ?

(Reply : The battery does fade after a while so one has to replace the batteries every couple of years, cost about 90. To make the batteries last longer one should charge it up at least once a fortnight if not used and charge it up every time after use)

I've had several electric bikes and the Powerbyke is the one that outlasted them all. I use the latest high brightness LED lights, which saves using your battery power.

This PowerByke does not come with a lighting system, its very easy just to fit standard LED lights found in any cycle store.

My wife has an electric bike, 24 volt, very good until you try to get a new light bulb for it. None of the bike shops keep them although they are quite happy to take your money when you buy the bike. You can buy 24v bulbs from factors etc, but they only want to sell them in bulk. I have fitted an extra light and run 2 12v bulbs in series. Any one else had this problem, if so how did you solve it ?

Loved the Brompton video! And I've been commuting with a T5 since 1999. TT

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