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Powacycle Salisbury LPX Electric Bike

Powacycle Salisbury Electric Bike

Powacycle Salisbury LPX Electric Bike from Amazon.co.uk

Product Features

Triple Mode of Operation - Motor Power only - 15mph max speed Assisted power - Motor and Pedals - 15mph max speed Cycling only - Without Motor Assist - Any speed you like


High Spec Independent twist grip throttle - 200W intelligent brushless motor - Japanese Shimano 6 gear mechanism - V brakes front and rear  - 26 inch wheels for smooth ride


Battery Performance - Lithium Polymer battery -  26V 10.5Ah=273 Watt hours - 27-37 miles with gentle pedalling on a flat surface - Full battery recharge in 4 to 6 hours  - Rechargeable battery 500 cycles - Battery weight only 2.6Kg


Physical Features - Adult sized aluminium frame - Suitable for ages 14 to 99 - Handlebar height 02cm to 111cm - Saddle height 88cm to 96cm - Length of cycle 180cm - Weight including battery 22kg


Extras included Battery charger - Rear rack Kick stand

Powabyke X Byke 6 Mens Electric Bike >>>

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