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Constant as the Northern Star


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Concorde at Manchester Airport

& videos of the last flights

Manchester airport has born a new arrival, Concorde!. It is not as big as you might think. It is very aerodynamic from nose to tail, like a needle flying through the sky. Alas Concorde will no longer fly. It has been in the skies over Manchester a few times and made a tremendous deep roar like no other aircraft.


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Latest picture of Concorde at Manchester Airport 2010


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Concorde at Manchester Airport - 1  Concorde at Manchester Airport - 2

Comment "my grandad works on the concorde in manchester airport"

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Concorde at Manchester Airport - 3

Concorde at Manchester Airport - 4

Concorde at Manchester Airport - 5  Concorde at Manchester Airport - 6

Concorde at Manchester Airport - 7


Concorde at Manchester Airport - 8

Concorde at Manchester Airport - 9  Concorde at Manchester Airport - 10

Last over flight of Concorde (F-BVFB) before landing at Baden Airport in Germany

Movie Video Film Clip

to update soon

Last flight of Concorde from Heathrow Airport

Movie Video Film Clip

 to update soon
Concorde Information History and Video

Concorde Information History and Video


Concorde Manual: An insight into flying, operating and maintaining the world's first supersonic passenger jet (Haynes Owners' Workshop Manuals)

Concorde Manual: An insight into flying, operating and maintaining the world's first supersonic passenger jet (Owner's Workshop Manual) from

"The Manual gives an accurate insight into the operation of the most important systems on this wonderful aircraft, without being too difficult to understand for anyone who has never worked on an aircraft, it also leaves the reader in no doubt as to what a great technical achievement Concorde was for the aircraft manufacturers of the United Kingdom and France"

Stick and Rudder: An Explanation of the Art of Flying: By Wolfgang Langewiesche

"Explaining the different phases of the art of flying, this book shows what the pilot does, when he flies, just how he does it, and why. It is applicable to large airplanes and small, old airplanes and new, and is of interest to learners, accomplished pilots and also to the instructors"




it was a beautiful bird, people always looked up as it flew over. I went up to Manchester to see G-BOAC and climb aboard it was super sonic fantastic
my grandad works on the concorde in manchester airport
ALL aircraft need assigning to a museum. Concorde was a very expensive mistake.
it is so noisy
The greatest flying machine ever
I love Concorde's they rock! =]
i went on Concorde at Manchester and it was brill.
Yes, I really do miss the roar of those engines as it took off over my house setting off every alarm in the area, Nothing will ever come close to Concorde. Sadly missed. Ken
i love Concorde. I wish it could still fly

Why do we do this with transportation? Here (in U.S.) we had world's most advanced high speed trains, then we just forgot about them. Now France has TGV and we have Amtrak. US and Europe had best streetcar systems now we have "light rail" which is slower than the old inter urban lines. And US was the biggest problem for Concorde, we tried to ban it a bunch of times and even then it couldn't fly supersonic over US airspace. Imagine if you could fly Concorde from NY to Los Angeles in 2 hrs! Or less! People are very small minded when it comes to transport.

good to see the details
this is the best aircraft in the world i have seen
il étais cool mais adieux R.I.P
The best aircraft I have ever seen too.  RIP Concorde - Paul
i think Concorde is the best plane ever and they should make it fly again

great clips :) mene

Gazza from Aussie -  "fantastic pic's"

I think Concorde is wicked

I visited the airport 1 week ago plane spotting. Concorde is outstanding and breath taking but the problem is that there should be more signs around the airport saying where the Concorde is
Manchester Airport puts on a superb show for Concorde, having this plane is world class. The first time I visited Concorde I was foot sore and weary after wandering around for a hour trying to find the place on foot. Been down there a few times now and one always sees people wandering about appearing a little lost, trying to find the place. There are a couple of signs but obviously not enough. Any one from Manchester Airport reading this, he does have a point. Any chance of a few more signs please ?  :-)  Y2U
fantastic# - brilliant
I would like to know if Concorde is open to the public on Good Friday ? - Thanks

For Easter 2006 the answer is yes

I will miss Concorde...I still cannot believe it won't fly anymore ... incredible:(

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