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Leyland Double-Decker Bus

This Leyland bus does not have air conditioning, the latest suspension, the entrance does not rise up and down or is there any discernable sound insulation, but what it does have is character.  It has a seating capacity of 62, 28 in the lower saloon and and 34 in the upper saloon and at a guess a few more for standing. It maximum speed is a stately 30mph. The bus was owned by Bolton Transport, from the famous Lancashire cotton town. It has the lucky number of 77. The coat of arms has the motto 'Supera Moras' which in Latin means "Overcome delays".

Leyland Double-Decker Bus

Leyland Double-Decker Bus : Front View

Leyland Double-Decker Bus : Side View

Leyland Double-Decker Bus : Inside

Leyland Double-Decker Bus : Hop On Entrance


HELP -I have a Leyland Titan PD/3 1956 I need parts in the states. Help. Did I say HELP? I want to keep this bus rolling and be proud of a great tradition. I do not want this bus rusting away in a junk yard. I need to get it licensed and the speedometer does not work. I need a domestic US contact. Thank you, Cheers John Chassis Type Reg Body 580331 PD3/3 LCS958 NCME 5272 Seating New L35/32RD 5/1958 Owner/FleetnumberWestern SMT D1423 Engine - Gardner #12786 HELP !!!

jcb @ hhmhotels.com

2 bad they don't use em


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