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Old Bedford RL Truck

An old Bedford RL truck from the sixties. It might still power up and do some work, after a little maintenance.

Old Bedford RL Truck 1


Does anybody have pics on the RL 6x6?..Monkeywinch @ hotmail .com
I like this shape of truck, just reminds me when my father took me with him on his work about 40 years ago. Anon
Went from a 650 BSA to an RL in 1970 with the Marines at Eastney, passed first time, smashing to drive, still amuses folk when I tell then I have never taken a test in a car, especially the salesman who accompanied me on a test for a new car last year, thought he was about to have a heart attack. Anon
eddie hitchen:- passed my driving test in the bedford rl in portsmouth 1964 whil`st stationed at bordon hants REME loved this vehicle
Legendary vehicle, soldier-proof with unreal cross-country performance.. Anon
My memory of the RL truck in Germany in the 60's is of a lovely big softie. Powerful enough and easy to drive. No need to double declutch as I found once - rounding a very tight corner I changed down to bottom and on driving away though there was something funny about the change. I had double declutched with tha dip switch! No prob. Also, on ice, you could wind on full lock quickly and unwind it quickly, and the RL would travel straight on without a twitch. Useful? Blue Roan
I was stationed with Royal Scots Greys in Germany and after some fiddling with the governor we actually saw 90mph out of one of them, it was quite frightening, but fun to see our ferret "escort" disappear behind us. Anon

BEDFORD RL Enjoying the mud <<<


Old Bedford RL Truck 2

Roelf - I passed my HGV test in the army in 1981 in a Bedford RL. It was awful!. I passed :-)... I do remember that when trying to get the beast out of 4 wheel drive the easiest way was to try and hit 20 mph in 3rd gear (took ages ! ), dip the clutch, and then throw the transfer lever down. To do this you almost had to dislocate your left shoulder, as the lever was in such an awkward position high up between the 2 seat backs. If you didn't know how to double de-clutch then there was no way you were going to drive this vehicle. Power steering ? no way !. In 1984 I drove an RL down to the island of Elba from my base in Germany, two and a half days later we got there at an average speed of 40 miles per hour. The only way to keep warm in this vehicle was to prop the engine cowling open and rely on the heat from the engine filling the cab. This also had the added benefit of allowing us to heat our tinned "compo" rations by placing them on the exhaust manifold. .Aaaah ! happy memories !

Old Bedford RL Truck 3

The GPO registration ELP737C (Simon Polecat) is just readable. One of 60 Polecats registered in May'65. Another batch of 40 Bedfords from ELP773C up were fitted with King Tel-e-lect cranes.  Anon
Feedback from Steve the Grease, he tells us that this Bedford is a RS not a RL, as it has a short wheel base. Thanks for the correction.. He also gives details of a Yahoo group called - RSOLES Bedford R series Owners lovers enthusiasts off road military vehicles. http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/RSOLES There is a great picture of a Bedford on the intro page enjoying itself in the mud. Please take a look. Has anyone else any interesting links or photos ?

Old Bedford RL Truck 4

Anon - The easiest way to disengage four wheel drive in an RL...was to engage reverse gear, take up the clutch and then push the lever. EASY, when you knew how !

Bedford RL Army Truck


Bedford RL Army Truck

Bedford RL Truck with Steam Shovel


Bedford Truck with special steam shovel made by Ruxton-Bucyrus.

The yellow one looks like a drilling rig. Common in Aus. Neil
This looks like cut down Simon Polecat used by Post Office Telephones and some power companies to carry and erect telegraph and power poles. If so, then the body work and tool boxes have all been removed.  Anon

Bedford Mobile Direction Finding Vehicle

Bedford RL Direction Finding Truick Front View

Found this Military direction finding vehicle based on a Bedford chassis at the very interesting The Royal Air Force Air Defence Radar Museum in Norfolk.

Bedford RL Direction Finding Truck Side View
Bedford RL Direction Finding Truck Information Card

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