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Constant as the Northern Star


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Beaumaris Castle Anglesey North Wales

This is a Welsh castle built in 1295 and building work went on for another 35 years, despite never being never finished. Built by Edward I to subdue the Welsh it never saw action and anyway he ran out of money and the welsh culture is still going strong despite it all. The word Beaumaris translates into 'beautiful marsh' or 'beautiful ocean' depending either on the Latin or French translation you wish to choose.


Beaumaris Castle Anglesey - 1


As a castle it is what might be call totally uncorrupted. The grass is kept neat and tidy but all else has been as it has always been for centuries. At the time of its construction it was state of the art. There are 4 major lines of defensive battlements. Everywhere inside, if one where fool hardy to go in the heat of battle, there is always a place to sling an arrow or even worse pour hot oils over you and no where to retreat.


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Beaumaris Castle Anglesey - 2     Beaumaris Castle Anglesey - 3

Beaumaris Castle

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    Beaumaris Castle Anglesey - 4  Beaumaris Castle Anglesey - 5


Beaumaris Castle Anglesey - 6  Beaumaris Castle Anglesey - 7

Beaumaris Castle Anglesey - 8  Beaumaris Castle Anglesey - 9

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Beaumaris Castle Anglesey - 10  Beaumaris Castle Anglesey - 11

  Beaumaris Castle Anglesey - 12  Beaumaris Castle Anglesey - 14

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I am making a model of this castle for fun. :)

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