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Constant as the Northern Star


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Uluru, Ayers Rock, Australia

The journey to Ayers Rock or Uluru, is long. Hours from Adelaide on Bus Australia cramped up in tight seats, travelling through the night, hearing bumps of kangaroos being run over by the roo bars. Having drink and food at a full size restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Endless bush going on for hundreds of miles. 

Uluru - the great rock in the outback

Stayed in Alice Springs one night and then another long coach trip to the great rock. Slept in tent city, a very cold night, despite the heat of the day, sat in front of a huge bonfire most of the night, in deep thought mode, talking to a Yank about life. A monolith placed in the flatness of the bush. A great experience, a great memory. It was 1991.


If you going to backpack around Australia you have to go to Uluru !

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Uluru from a distance

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Uluru - Climbing ChainUluru - Tent City

Uluru - Way in the distance

Uluru - Kata Ijuta and Watarrka: Ayers Rock, the Olgas and Kings Canyon, Northern Territory (National Parks Field Guides Series) from

"This handy guide is your key to the secrets of the most famous National Parks of Australia's Red Centre. It will tell you about the area's pre-history and origins, its geology and landforms, its plants and animals and how they live. It also unlocks the floor on its human history, especially of the Aboriginal people whose culture is so much a part of it."

Uluru - Safety notice

Uluru - Bush Sky

Camp Wild Nov 2004

 Uluru and Kata Tuja

Movie Film Video

Formerly known as Ayers Rock and the Olgas

Great aboriginal beat with Didjeridoo

Uluru - Aircraft Journey

Uluru - Air Landing Field

Uluru from the sky

Uluru - Long distance sky view

Uluru - Sky view close up

Uluru and the Olgas from the air

Uluru - The Olgas from the sky

Uluru - Caravan and 4x4

Uluru on Bus AustraliaUluru - Windmill for water


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