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Austin Pickup Truck

I think this is a an Austin 7 Pickup Van or might be an Austin 10. If anyone has any details as to when it was made and where, or its model type, I would be very grateful, This looks to be a very solid example and well kept. Better than the plastic ones manufactured today. Hopefully one day I will get the chance to drive a quality classic like this. Double declutching might be a problem though !

Austin Pickup TruckAustin Pickup Truck

Austin Pickup Truck

Austin Pickup Truck Badge Logo

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I think the first truck is not an Austin 7. I had a 1936 Austin Van with enclosed back in 1948. The hood was much shorter but the grill was about the similar appearance. The engine & transmission were so light , after unscrewing 5 nuts, I could lift the whole thing out so I could work on it. I am interested in getting a picture of the engine by itself. I lived in Canada at the time- right after the war

Note : Sorry I would not be able to get a picture of the engine, so if anyone knows more ?

Q. In which year did the first 6 cylinder Austin see the light ?
A. The first six cylinder Austin car was introduced in 1926. Anon
Q. Did they make Austin pickups or jeep style trucks for export to Canada? I have a 1963 Austin, and it is a jeep style open box "truck". i have seen this in a "suv" style also in Canada. can you help ?
Q. I am looking for the logo of a1959 Austin A55 van/ldv and the colours of it.?

Anon - It's not an Austin 7 & it doesn't look like an Austin 10. Possibly a 12?

Another Austin Pickup Van

Possibly a Austin 10 Van pre 1935


Pre 1935 Austin 10 van ?


"Top Gear": My Dad Had One of Those by By Giles Chapman, Richard Porterfrom Amazon.co.uk

"Cars that were as flawed, as funny and as lovable as your Dad himself."


Another Austin Pickup Van ?


Does anyone know the above model ?

The blue pickup at Brighton (above) is not an Austin but a Jowett . I was on this run with my '46 Ford (USA) pickup John W


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