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This site is dedicated to all the nice things and sometimes strange things in life, all with a positive twist. Lots of good quality content, there are many photos which are expanding all the time along with clean humour that is philosophical and witty. Have a look at the site map and you will have a great experience.


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Swallow Falls Betws-y-Coed Wales

Read and submit your poems

Creative Commons - Archive Photos

Doctor Joke - Big Foot

A man goes to see his doctor with a great big swollen foot.....

Music Video - Natalie Merchant - These Are Days

Feel good song and music

Sumatran Tiger - Photo - Critically Endangered Species - Information

The population of the Sumatran Tiger is in decline mainly because of deforestation and loss of habitat due to palm oil production and agriculture.

Chevrolet Corvette

The Corvette is widely regarded as America's Sports Car. For more than 50 years, Corvettes have combined very powerful engines and affordability, especially when compared with more prestigious marquees of similar performance.

Siberian Husky : Dog Breed : Video : Photos : Information

The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized, dense-coated working dog breed that came from eastern Siberia, belonging to the Spitz family.

New York City : USA : Guide : Facts : Information

New York City is an international centre for business, finance, fashion, medicine, entertainment, media and culture, with an extraordinary collection of museums, galleries, performance venues (most notably Broadway theatre), media outlets, international corporations, and financial markets.

Dragon : Video : Photos : Information : Mythical Animal

The dragon is a mythological beast typically portrayed as a big and mighty serpent or some other reptile endowed with magic or unearthly qualities.

Pluto : Video : Dwarf Planet : Information

Pluto designated (134340) Pluto in the Minor Planet Centre catalogue, is the second-largest identified dwarf planet in the solar system and the tenth biggest physical structure orbiting the Sun.


Empire State Building with Video and Photos

The Empire State Building is a 102-story modern-day Art Deco style construction in New York City and is arguably the most celebrated skyscraper world-wide.

It's a good read but it does become a little dark at times - Untamed by Kristin Cast

Liverpool Scouse Language and Dialect

Learn about the language of the Liverpool people

SMS Text Language Slang for Mobile Phones : Information : Technology

OMG - oh my god

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